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Uncle Kracker (born Matthew Shafer 9 November 1974 in Mount Clemens, Michigan) is an American rock and roll and country music musician. He started out his career at a young age as a fledgling rapper. He met Kid Rock in 1987, and Rock asked Kracker to become his DJ. Uncle Kracker tour dates and tickets 2020-2021 near you. Want to see Uncle Kracker in concert? Find information on all of Uncle Kracker’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2020-2021. Uncle Kracker is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 5 concerts across 2 countries in 2020-2021. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2018 CD release of An Introduction To Uncle Kracker on Discogs. Uncle Kracker’s gold-selling second album, No Stranger To Shame, followed in 2002, spawning a hit cover version of Dobie Gray’s classic “Drift Away.” That track reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and set a record for most weeks at No. 1 on the AC chart, remaining there for 22 straight weeks. Uncle Kracker, Soundtrack: Osmosis Jones. Uncle Kracker was born on June 6, 1974 in Mount Clemens, Michigan, USA as Matthew Lynford Shafer. He has been married to Melanie Haas since May 8, 1998. They have three children. Uncle Kracker Treasure Island Resort & Casino, Welch, MN - Aug 11, 2018 Aug 11 2018 Uncle Kracker Wild Greg’s Saloon, Lakeland, FL - Oct 5, 2018 Oct 05 2018 Last updated: 21 Jul 2020, 14:07 Etc/UTC Uncle Kracker is a Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Dj, who was born on 9 November, 1974 in Mount Clemens,Michigan,USA. Age 43 years old. Uncle Kracker Zodiac Sign is Scorpio, Ethnicity White & religion Not Available.. Uncle Kracker Net Worth 2018. Uncle Kracker estimated net worth in 2018 is Under Review.Here we also added Uncle Kracker previous years Net Worth, Income, Salary & Property details. Uncle Kracker on Aug 31, 2018 in Billings, MT at The Pub Station. No matter what he does or where he goes, Uncle Kracker adheres to a simple, yet rather... Uncle Kracker, born Matthew Shafer, grew up in Michigan, where he became best friends with then-unknown rap-rocker Kid Rock, who introduced Kracker into the turntable scene. Kracker soon became a featured vocalist on Rock's early albums. Uncle Kracker will be showcasing his new song in sheds across the country. His live show continues to get bigger and better with every tour. 'It's very interactive,' he says. 'It's meant to be a party, and I want everybody involved. Each time we go on stage, I want people to leave smiling.'… Read More .

What's Happening in CT - 5/4-5/6

2018.05.03 03:36 SheCalledMePaul What's Happening in CT - 5/4-5/6

Friday, May 4th:
Saturday, May 5th:
Sunday, May 6:
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2017.04.29 10:48 TheSonOfWAY The Son of W.A.Y. - Songwriting Plans (Parodies / Filk / Contrafacta) (Planned Songs 251-500)

(Continued from the first 250 songwriting plans due to the 40,000 character limit)
My list of conceived and planned songs, thus far. The ones with finished lyrics are in bold.

MY PLANNED SONGS (parodies / filk / contrafacta)

Number Parody Title Original's Title Original’s Artist Original's YT link
251. In Sevastopol (Sevastopol's Tourism Jingle) The Song That Never Ends Lamb Chop https://youtu.be/sSUzwKaRbL8
252. 1%'ers (Outlaw Cycle Gangs) Circle of Life (Lion King opener) Elton John, Jonathan Young, etc. https://youtu.be/a0NSWOBO1Jk
253. The Coming Singularity (Technological Singularity) Serori (Celery) SMAP https://youtu.be/6S_zjLeXM70
254. You Won't Get To Build A Snowman (Because Of Global Warming's Advance) Bad Romance Lady Gaga, On The Rocks (U of O's premier a cappella ensemble) https://youtu.be/cTFh8LCBZeQ
255. Ballad of Paul Montenossi Hallelujah Pentatonix https://youtu.be/LRP8d7hhpoQ
256. LDS Singles Ward Congregation Dr. Mario Fever Theme Koji Kondo https://youtu.be/HMFaQTLYYkw
257. Your Email Is Total Nonsense Summer Nights (Grease Soundtrack) John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John https://youtu.be/PHCRXUzDuuU
258. 750 Dollars a Year Pallet Town Theme Game Freak https://youtu.be/awoYUGc93TQ
259. 79 Meters, Post Sea-Level Rise (259 Feet Higher Oceans) Super Mario Brothers Theme (original NES medley) Koji Kondo, London Symphony Orchestra https://youtu.be/Wkg8C4sWfp0
260. The Ballad of Moscone & Milk Matlock Theme Song Matlock (rap group) https://youtu.be/hRzneU3XU3c
261. He Doesn't Know How To Respect Women Knight Rider Theme Stu Phillips https://youtu.be/UBP7xH348cI
262. At Padre Island (Padre Island's Tourism Jingle) This Land Is Your Land Woody Guthrie, David Summerford https://youtu.be/WGKU8awk7Vg
263. Jaimee Hazlett's Ballad Dr. Mario Fever theme Koji Kondo https://youtu.be/DSchn-pNMjg
264. A Missile Over Japan The Magic School Bus Theme Scholastic, Inc. https://youtu.be/p81pD7MV0gY
265. Or Else That Just Won't Bode Well For Brazil Cidade Maravilhosa André Filho, arr. by Silva Sobreira, rec. by Aurora Miranda https://youtu.be/Pq1LzATB-RM
266. Stock Up On BTC Straight Outta Compton Eazy-E & The NWA https://youtu.be/PtO2QY6E4Gs
267. Shawnee Mission (Shawnee Mission, KS's Tourism Jingle) Easy to Fly (Willy the Sparrow Theme) Zsolt Pethõ https://youtu.be/gYGpML7sN9Y?t=1s
268. Duodecimals (The Duodecimal Numbering System) Do Lord Cedarmont Kids https://youtu.be/SX1GyG8NJ7U
269. GM (Tale of General Motors) All The Small Things (Say It Ain't So) Blink 182 https://youtu.be/9Ht5RZpzPqw
270. You Downloaded TOR (The Effects of Downloading TOR) Rock Baby Rock VST & Company https://youtu.be/3_DB6B-V24M
271. Man In The Sky Lucky Britney Spears https://youtu.be/4vvBAONkYwI
272. Angry Birds Two And A Half Men Theme Charlie Sheen, et al. https://youtu.be/gLL1n-WPJak
273. Events of 1986 Drive My Car The Beatles https://youtu.be/M7qNlocNIf8
274. Exar Kun "Alex Mack" Theme TeenNick (Larisa Oleynik, et al.) https://youtu.be/KBxoSU_4xCU
275. The Tale of Adam Peden Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? Paul Austin Kelly https://youtu.be/b-kB-Ytjcdg
276. Paint The Town Russian Dance Trepak Peter I. Tchaikovsky https://youtu.be/Lk4mEJ0Lr-I
277. The Ballad of Kim Jong-Il Bananaphone Raffi https://youtu.be/PSZuPt74e_c
278. Life As Trailer Trash (What Being Trailer Trash Is Like) These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Nancy Sinatra https://youtu.be/SbyAZQ45uww
279. The Nissan March Teddy Bear Red Sovine https://youtu.be/5zoTLwrm9QE
280. Chopper-style Harleys Hallelujah Kate Voegele https://youtu.be/k29JxVCKBBM
281. The Double-Wide Life (Living In A Double-Wide) Teddy Bear Red Sovine https://youtu.be/9bi_kRv0dOk
282. Roanoke (The Colony of 1587) Yakety Yak The Coasters https://youtu.be/9xAi80ShG0I
283. Heat on Medium Power Only Nearer My God To Thee André Rieu https://youtu.be/v1mQT1u_45I
284. Cottonwood of Lawrence Chicken Dance Werner Thomas https://youtu.be/Hb9FwlubyIQ
285. The Ballad of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Autotuned Schmoyoho (The Gregory Brothers), Hugo Chavez, et al. https://youtu.be/LnoD3NUux3M
286. Sail Down The River Elbe (The River Elbe Tourism Jingle) Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin Andrews Sisters & Bing Crosby https://youtu.be/q8mm_TeasEI
287. The Beautiful Macedonia (Macedonia's Tourism Jingle) If You're Happy And You Know It Alfred B. Smith https://youtu.be/71hqRT9U0wg
288. Hollerith Cards ABC, As Easy As 123 The Jackson 5 https://youtu.be/7e5qLfeDJmk
289. Nestlé I Just Can't Wait To Be King Disney (Elton John, Tim Rice, Jason Weaver, Laura Williams, Rowan Atkinson) https://youtu.be/US7hF-X9ncM
290. When 14.4k Modems Were The Standard Bridge of Avignon Philippe Marteau https://youtu.be/0AC0_16BE2s
291. Hino Trucks (Hino Advertising Jingle) Egao No Genki SMAP https://youtu.be/Z4h0AOpKfSQ
292. Tale of The Chevy Nova Thanks For The Buggy Ride Percival Mackey Orchestra https://youtu.be/2UaVbgOSiqY
293. Keiichiro Otsuka's Trip To Britain Egao No Genki SMAP https://youtu.be/SmrPRvdrPp8
294. Chataqua Has Hundreds of People (Chataqua Marketing Jingle) Prince Ali (Aladdin Soundtrack) Disney https://youtu.be/Bb2HFylQVp0
295. Still Paid The Same Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd https://youtu.be/4icEjAVWRNk
296. Red-Light Cameras Big Mac Jingle McDonald's https://youtu.be/yEBCV0ic6Tc
297. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Memory Erasing Treatments) Battle Cry Of Freedom George Frederick Root https://youtu.be/bW4ZwyYJYbQ
298. Toronto (Toronto, Ontario's Tourism Jingle) People Got To Be Free The Rascals https://youtu.be/xYYQx9K6Cb0
299. Events of 2004 Independent Trucker LOCASH https://youtu.be/nlMa73-_rRo
300. Ayahuasca (Ayahuasca Marketing Jingle) Macarena Los Del Rio https://youtu.be/gwWRjvwlLKg
301. Layers of the Atmosphere Go Fly A Kite Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson (Mary Poppins soundtrack) https://youtu.be/oBkSy3dnIY8
302. (The Chinese) Cultural Revolution Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide) Marcia Griffiths https://youtu.be/97OtsR8L1NY
303. A Circular File Up The Ladder To The Roof The Supremes, Everyday Rapture https://youtu.be/lqceQhmI0vA
304. Around Leipzig (Leipzig's Tourism Jingle) Just About Going Whacky (Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure soundtrack) Bobby Prince https://youtu.be/npnjFF3FoME
305. The Hill School (Story of The Hill) Story of a Girl (Absolutely) 9 Days https://youtu.be/9UyzM0KhRr0
306. That's What You Call An Analogous Color (2D-art education jingle) The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Gordon Lightfoot https://youtu.be/rFkyDB2InTs
307. Look At That Laser Pointer Awesome God Michael W. Smith, Hillsong, et al. https://youtu.be/gygRtVkq5iM
308. The Summary of Tiberium (and the Tiberian Sun) So This Is Love (Cinderella soundtrack) Disney (Ilene Woods & Mike Douglas) https://youtu.be/0xljo1om9uo
309. The Dangerous Paternoster Elevators Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Brenda Lee https://youtu.be/Idl-K8s1GYo
310. Junya, Junya Zunea Zunea Cleopatra Stratan https://youtu.be/FTuv3dAMZs0
311. Indian Motorcycles marketing jingle Lollipop The Chordettes https://youtu.be/A0kd-w7Xwd8
312. It's The Exit Known as "Texit" All My Ex's Live In Texas George Strait https://youtu.be/Jk7uXaNuWNE
313. Ballad of Gul Dukat The Ballad of Thunder Road Robert Mitchum https://youtu.be/2ukOA994JzA
314. It's The Mathematical Pi(e) American Pie Don McLean https://youtu.be/ih7N9_VUU4U
315. {Oh,} Would Ya? (I'll Get The Door For Ya) Ghita Cleopatra Stratan https://youtu.be/GDq-E708lHU
316. The Ballad of Victor Pedraza The Lord's Prayer Only Boys Allowed https://youtu.be/yDcEG19w9mY
317. How Good Came From Evil (Verse 1: That Was The Boston Marathon Bombings) If I Never Knew You Mel Gibson & Judy Kuhn, Shanice & Jon Secada https://youtu.be/7hoZoBsZRtE
318. The Game (You Just Lost The Game) Seinfeld Theme (full length) Kitsch & Camp https://youtu.be/OvRpDC3Zamo
319. The Battle of Wolf 359 Spark Man (Mega Man Soundtrack) Sora, Namco & Bandai https://youtu.be/B5JZ1RoO75I
320. Ballad of William Whillock (The Grocery Manager) Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Michael Jackson https://youtu.be/ZorRGrDiMsA
321. Weatherstripping Douce Ambiance Django Reinhardt https://youtu.be/r8SEsz8TdUE
322. The Russian State Duma The Sugar Plum Fairy Peter I. Tchaikovsky https://youtu.be/Rapf3g_XvCc
323. Hold My Juicebox Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Backseat Paul Evans and the Curls https://youtu.be/S35D9-2Fp88
324. All These Debts Must End Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day https://youtu.be/NU9JoFKlaZ0
325. Brough Superior Super Mario Brothers 2 Theme Koji Kondo https://youtu.be/YA-414KqJKQ
326. Get Comfy Get Lucky Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams https://youtu.be/FoB9OiTJw40
327. The Tale of Nick Meitler What's My Age Again Blink 182 https://youtu.be/fSscyRaRgp0
328. When You Chip Away That (Student) Debt Always With Me (Itsumo Nando Demo) Kate Covington https://youtu.be/jT0fIfiw7Sg
329. Natasha & Naomi See The USA In Your Chevrolet Dinah Shore https://youtu.be/jQ5tKh0aBDc
330. I Am The Very Model Of A Singularitarian I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General Gilbert and Sullivan https://youtu.be/Z2OcbeGqbpU
331. Pennywise, the "It" Clown It Girl Nightcore https://youtu.be/JgUe7uq-gAM
332. Dotard Zorro The Chordettes https://youtu.be/gps6KIlT2wU
333. Bankruptcy Make Believe Is As Easy As 1-2-3 Al E. Gator (Rainy Day Numbers Show cast) https://youtu.be/_apv2sDPWDI?t=1m13s (Song between 1:13-2:40)
334. Default Friday Rebecca Black https://youtu.be/kfVsfOSbJY0
335. Trump's Stance On The Environment Jumpin' Jack Gym Jumpin' Jack Rabbit (Rainy Day Numbers Show) https://youtu.be/vlbiFEHxDe8
336. Cavities Gravity Umpire feat. Liz Kretschmer https://youtu.be/o5HB4AZhIdc
337. On Your Knees Amazing Love Hillsong https://youtu.be/Wnv8D-6LD2U
338. The Ballad of Infertility Numar Pan'la Unu (I Count To One) Cleopatra Stratan https://youtu.be/v1WFcpc1yZc
339. (It's Your) Writing Style Gangnam Style PSY https://youtu.be/u-RuPQvhUeg
340. Don't Have Private Student Loans Volvo Driving Soccer Mom Everclear https://youtu.be/xK_XWH7Ryd4
341. Ancelotti's Daughter Zion's Daughter Boney M https://youtu.be/wIPDgJd_Ago
342. The Lalafell Race Rise & Shine / Arky Arky Cedarmont Kids https://youtu.be/56QWeYtHW0k
343. The Ballad of Brian Goodwin Zion's Daughter Boney M https://youtu.be/bVQg_-e9fU4
344. How To Pass The Brunner Test Hold On I'm Coming Sam & Dave https://youtu.be/AREppyQf5uw
345. You'll Likely Pass It When You Are Old Strip Polka Andrews Sisters https://youtu.be/U8ew-WY23mM
346. The Motivated Mom Kungtari Shabara Clon https://youtu.be/wqmhVEyhZQE
347. Let's Move To Norway Fått deg på hjernen eMMa (Emma Gunnarsen) https://youtu.be/nKyRT4bV02Q
348. Rents Are Sky-High In San Francisco San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair) John Phillips / Scott McKenzie https://youtu.be/WaPy1JBlxcI
349. Game Of Skill Forget You Cee Lo Green https://youtu.be/bKxodgpyGec
350. This Town's Fire Department Phantom 309 Red Sovine https://youtu.be/Mye3aikHBjc
351. Surströmming Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough Michael Jackson https://youtu.be/m_O25dOQpCQ
352. Events of 2006 The Simpsons Theme Danny Elfman https://youtu.be/4LQVEN2kZQA
353. Keep Walkin' These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Jessica Simpson https://youtu.be/DPtfsk4ETjM
354. That Is Gladys Byfield Blue Fog (Track 7) Atari Games & Midway Games https://youtu.be/RxvlQuLDEBg
355. Bank Levy "Monk" Theme Jeff Beal https://youtu.be/3UPh8PM0ph8
356. San Francisco's Million-Dollar Homes I'm Livin' In A Great Big Way Louis Prima https://youtu.be/pqBROmbD7yg
357. Blanching Kimi Ga Yo (Japanese National Anthem) Yoshiisa Oku and Akimori Hayashi (arranged by Franz Eckert) https://youtu.be/urhqAuc4tD4
358. The Journey Through Decomposition Colors of the Wind Judy Kuhn https://youtu.be/O9MvdMqKvpU
359. The Steve Ballmer Summary Here Comes Peter Cottontail The Kiboomers https://youtu.be/q7UXYvRRZFc
360. That's What It's Like To Eat With No Teeth I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever Delirious? https://youtu.be/zeCwwaciAA8
361. Gurning Drift Away (Gimme the Beat Boys) Uncle Kracker https://youtu.be/A69BertdSt4
362. Value of the British Pound The British Grenadiers / The Grenadiers March (traditional military march; composer unknown) https://youtu.be/XsW4FoRzhQw
363. Events of 1956 You Can't Do That On Television Intro / Theme CJOH-TV https://youtu.be/UcUPGAth6OY
364. Alejandro Cao De Benos Prince Ali (Aladdin Soundtrack) Disney https://youtu.be/LlU_CYhym0o
365. Tale of Jens Stoltenberg Christmas Day Is On Its Way Cynthia Gray https://youtu.be/0uau730skUg
366. Ballad of Jessi & Scott I'll Be There Jackson 5 https://youtu.be/Xg2vMrDzoXM
367. Shay's Ballad Deep Forest Do As Infinity (English cover artist unknown) https://youtu.be/eg41RwBaZqE
368. Her Dentures Don't Fit Where The Cars Are Dinah Shore https://youtu.be/Ef9nv76UuFQ
369. The Democrats Always Look On The Bright Side of Life Monty Python / Eric Idle https://youtu.be/X_-q9xeOgG4
370. Events of 1914 Danse Macabre Camille Saint-Saens https://youtu.be/YyknBTm_YyM
371. The Sol System The Shining Path (Civilization II soundtrack) Microprose / Activision https://youtu.be/C55Ae3apn5s
372. Threshold of a Bright Future Dire, Dire Docks theme (Super Mario 64) Koji Kondo https://youtu.be/-KUWykOjvEs
373. When Gas Was Just $1.34 MASH Theme Johnny Mandel https://youtu.be/gD4Qmg58wfM
374. Wage Garnishments Welcome Here Again Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra / Dudley Laufman https://youtu.be/1ATFW5nb5f4
375. Ballad of Low Wages Only Time Enya https://youtu.be/upkYQqbrjSc
376. Like a Spry Turtle Spongebob Closing Theme Steve Belfer / Nickelodeon https://youtu.be/MiKuhfDjims
377. Killing Bindii with Bindii Kill Jesus Is Just Alright Doobie Brothers https://youtu.be/JEvy8mROAj0
378. At Age 112 Streets Of Sim City main theme Jerry Martin https://youtu.be/fiVeqgInHeM
379. Things That Are Very Old Super Mario Brothers 3 Athletic Theme (Overworld 2) Koji Kondo / Smooth McGroove https://youtu.be/Z5nM1mjDLvM
380. Things That Are Fermented Dark Cave Theme (Pokemon Gold / Silver / Crystal) Game Freak / Dude Man https://youtu.be/RtItFRRg7tM
381. I'll Need Collateral Do Lord Julia Ward Howe https://youtu.be/ltDnMwkZouc
382. Work For Us At Rib Crib Love Yourself Justin Bieber https://youtu.be/HVFXtUUGOzg
383. Quarter Car Wash Sandy John Travolta https://youtu.be/cxbMk-8701M
384. Drift Don't Stop Believin' Journey https://youtu.be/w9NeNwEr-2k
385. Having a House in San Jose ($8,000 per month) Oare Cat? Cleopatra Stratan https://youtu.be/OCQnqncuqVc
386. When You Use A Fidget Spinner Fratiorul Meu Cleopatra Stratan https://youtu.be/eMrRPjF7iEU
387. An Acoustic Modem O Holy Night Adolphe Adam https://youtu.be/4Zh-yR0pbmU
388. Pasquinade All's Well Gabby (Fleischer Studios) https://youtu.be/wcXY4T9ZyAU
389. He is Future Dead Up the Ladder to the Roof The Supremes https://youtu.be/MRH9PaDVi0g
390. Hoovie's Garage Generic 90's TV Music George Streicher https://youtu.be/-n-zduNJ0t8
391. They Knew Hey Jude The Beatles https://youtu.be/mQER0A0ej0M
392. Agbogbloshie, Ghana Kanine Krunchies Walt Disney Records / Lucille Bliss https://youtu.be/O1XuWPm6xiA
393. Yes, I Know, That's My Feet Bangapseumnida Pochonbo Music Ensemble https://youtu.be/wmpmeOcC0h8
394. A South Park Joke The Old Gumbie Cat (Cats) Andrew Lloyd Webber https://youtu.be/4hqGq-Kr9Hs
395. Sid Roth's It's Supernatural Addams Family Theme Vic Mizzy https://youtu.be/X6QzbvH-ZNo
396. Bib Fortuna When The Saints Go Marching In Louis Armstrong, et al. https://youtu.be/lkNPSlQbxNc
397. Gambler 500 Head Nod Supreme 2 Jack Elphick https://youtu.be/eP4s73zekPY
398. Ballad of Anders Breivik Teddy Bear Picnic Roseanne Barr https://youtu.be/CfFxqObu6pA
399. Events of 1999 Numar Pana La Unu (Uzbek version) Cleopatra Stratan https://youtu.be/JkcPQZj656E
400. Ramses the Pigeon Man In The Mirror Michael Jackson https://youtu.be/PivWY9wn5ps
401. The First President Bush Te Las Cu Inima Cleopatra Stratan https://youtu.be/ib1s-ohP7Yw
402. Vietnam War Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival https://youtu.be/ec0XKhAHR5I
403. EFY (Especially For Youth) The Lord Is My Light Firefly https://youtu.be/-s_BeO65NmY
404. Oh, Kaonashi Yes, Jesus Loves Me Anna Bartlett Warner and William Batchelder Bradbury https://youtu.be/U-ryg9plBM4
405. (Don't Drive Your Truck Under) A Very Low Bridge Little Drummer Boy Pentatonix https://youtu.be/qJ_MGWio-vc
406. You Are Unconscious Cluckin' Bell Theme Grand Theft Auto franchise (artist unknown) https://youtu.be/3A30a633Ftw
407. Nanny McPhee Bad As Me Tom Waits https://youtu.be/B6Ta3H-ck6s
408. Wearing Crocs Oare Cat? Cleopatra Stratan https://youtu.be/W7CpmwnyQ88
409. Track & Field Joy To The World (Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog) Three Dog Night https://youtu.be/Dp7KfG9AjaY
410. Jacques-Louis David Spring (The Four Seasons) Antonio Vivaldi https://youtu.be/IjpLxlSMJPo
411. The Trabant Lady Marmalade Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya and Lil Kim https://youtu.be/gnzu2w_q_3M
412. The Wartburg Keep Away From The Fellow Who Owns An Automobile Ada Jones https://youtu.be/fEK3hd-Qu48
413. I Wanna Get Clean I Love A Parade Harold Arlen, Boston Gay Men's Chorus https://youtu.be/lQKJhdhJvGg
414. Miss Ticklefoot Oh Christmas Tree Ernst Anschütz https://youtu.be/P6f8GBnlUO0
415. The Methvin Man God Be With You Till We Meet Again Jeremiah E. Rankin & William G. Tomer https://youtu.be/1hvaysA1MYQ
416. Grumman LLVs YMCA Village People https://youtu.be/CeADaAg0f_w
417. Croft & Barrow Love & Marriage Frank Sinatra https://youtu.be/BRDBvKGc1fE
418. It's The Exit Known As Brexit All My Ex's Live In Texas George Strait https://youtu.be/gAzcHe8K8G4
419. That Is The French Surrender Flag Echoes of France Django Reinhardt https://youtu.be/6lFJt8GimxA
420. The Events Of 4-20-1969 Hotel California The Eagles https://youtu.be/aNyK6EcHlzM
421. The Flag Of Norway The Internationale Eugène Pottier https://youtu.be/3sh4kz_zhyo
422. Delinquent Student Loans Fukai Mori (Deep Forest) Do As Infinity https://youtu.be/AVR_5cu6Jko
423. I'm The Supervisor Theme From New York, New York Frank Sinatra https://youtu.be/lnNhNqtX1t4
424. Cognitive Decline Algorithm Taiso Itsumo Kokokara https://youtu.be/a-3yNcnSCmk
425. The Dann Florek Song Law & Order SVU Theme Mike Post https://youtu.be/m6IXZPF7C3o
426. Being Gamey Come On Get Happy David Cassidy https://youtu.be/CZClBsDpp-4
427. Washing Dishes In Outer Space Viridian Forest Theme Junichi Masuda https://youtu.be/DiozlUWl_OA
428. He Is A Total POS The Little Ford Rambled Right Along Billy Murray https://youtu.be/3gs_wqA8W_U
429. They're Brusque You're (Plucked) Ylvis https://youtu.be/X2acP06791I
430. Ask Reddit Pokemon Theme (English) Jason Paige https://youtu.be/rg6CiPI6h2g
431. Gibson's (Gibson's Discount Center) Happy Days Norman Gimbel & Charles Fox https://youtu.be/slvGKU7HF6M
432. S/he Is Now In Jail Super Mario World Title/Intro Theme Koji Kondo, Satoshi Aikawa https://youtu.be/HA0VMvPNjUU
433. Mohenjo-Daro Happy Days Norman Gimbel & Charles Fox https://youtu.be/tR7a4mp49ZA
434. You Got A Zero Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow Soew Rose, Bill & Gloria Gaither https://youtu.be/4M-zwE33zHA
435. Drunk & Gambling Dad Chicken Reel Joseph M. Daly & Joseph Mittenthal https://youtu.be/MmmccUPEYvA
436. Professor Roger Trenary Up The Ladder To The Roof The Supremes https://youtu.be/yxFlmSeMYQ8
437. Removing An Impacted Wisdom Tooth Elektrisk Marcus & Martinus https://youtu.be/ri5_fzndMBg
438. Working At Alorica Owner of a Lonely Heart Yes https://youtu.be/T-wpSz2PwNY
439. My Manager Brooke Daddy Says No Haschak Sisters https://youtu.be/JZ01cmdwhfg
440. 3 for $3.29 Jazz 5 (SimCopter OST) Marc Russo https://youtu.be/ip1gBSXk_zQ
441. Hoovie & JRGo (Are Great YouTube Friends) (Kirby) Gourmet Race Jun Ishikawa https://youtu.be/blA8IQJN45k
442. When I Was 12 And In Trouble I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever Delirious / Martin Smith https://youtu.be/xBEPFFqpycQ
443. I'm Traveling To Japan (To Narita from Chicago) Car Trouble The Eligibles https://youtu.be/I1oTsFlwwzQ
444. You're Not Supposed To Wear Crocs Grab A Bucket And Mop (1970s McD's TV ad) Sidney E. Woloshin (and his ad firm contracted with McD's) https://youtu.be/5EL8myBN4vs
445. It Is Only A Scam JG Wentworth Viking Opera JG Wentworth (artists unknown) https://youtu.be/pdPM6j1Q4sg
446. Don't Wear Your Tie Like That Anchors Aweigh Charles A. Zimmermann https://youtu.be/T-3ws7b4sZg
447. Denture Detail Seinfeld Theme Johnathan Wolff https://youtu.be/b-6yxSgxk1U
448. Pre-War Money JG Wentworth Boyband Shot At The Spot JG Boyz (with JG Wentworth) https://youtu.be/elNPuU9Fsbo
449. Packard Baker Hawk Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus https://youtu.be/byQIPdHMpjc
450. Cycling Through Skid Row Speed Limit Smoking Patterns https://youtu.be/6Iyp7maJttQ
451. Pastor Rod Parsley Pokemon Getto Daze (Pokemon Opening 1) Rica Matsumoto (English by KiwiKenobi2) https://youtu.be/4-C5I8EKrag
452. Dose-Dense Chemo Do Lord Cedarmont Kids https://youtu.be/BEYp3MGfOC0
453. Papa John's (Kirby) Gourmet Race Jun Ishikawa https://youtu.be/FAByWyvuu7s
454. $3,250 Card Balance Belleville Rendezvous Ben Charest https://youtu.be/udVoqghMIK4
455. Junction City Blue Jays We're In The Money 42nd Street / The London Theatre Orchestra & Cast https://youtu.be/WfVAGLkXvHU
456. Darth Andeddu Inside The Castle Walls (Super Mario 64) Koji Kondo https://youtu.be/H2MB4g28tRs
457. We Need Drivers ASAP Fått deg på hjernen eMMa (Emma Gunnarsen) https://youtu.be/FnMhB0bP4YA
458. Out Of Delivery Range Inside The Castle Walls (Super Mario 64) Koji Kondo https://youtu.be/BnZu9uOH-nY
459. Super Mutants I'm Tickled Pink Jack Shaindlin / Sandy Hill https://youtu.be/K5CEDUyxnp4
460. Gentrification Super Mario Brothers 3 - Overworld 1 Theme Koji Kondo https://youtu.be/Q_saM7I20pY
461. Dr. Now (of "My 600-lb. Life" fame) JG Wentworth Bus Opera JG Wentworth (artists unknown) https://youtu.be/bkORcziEx6g
462. Daily Beautification Logs (DBLs) Tsubasa No Keikaku Do As Infinity https://youtu.be/mTZv769_quY
463. 30 Dollars to Fatten a Hog Arkansas Traveler Sanford C. Faulkner https://youtu.be/VTIjap-BmzM
464. On Their Own Qing Zhu (Celebration) Rainie Yang https://youtu.be/EaRvOxt6YZU
465. Dry Van This Land Is Your Land Woody Guthrie / Elizabeth Mitchell https://youtu.be/rRnHx3yVuf4
466. I Do Work Kids Are Music Ruth Artman / Unison Choir https://youtu.be/fus8tZo1t8Y
467. IPv6 Addams Family Theme Vic Mizzy https://youtu.be/TTcmbl7UJdA
468. That's A Long Time To Hold A Grudge As The Deer Martin J. Nystrom https://youtu.be/_bJGFX5O6Ns
469. Manipulative K-K-K-Katy Billy Murray https://youtu.be/SAAkrI-aaOE
470. When Cats Get Pregnant I Feel Good James Brown https://youtu.be/B1wOK9yGUYM
471. Assigned Students Only Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms Thomas Moore, John McDermott https://youtu.be/B6BKIxbDB4Q
472. Your Bill's Been Sent To Collections A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Lily James https://youtu.be/fhBRa9n1aC0
473. A Sleeping Dog Memory (CATS) Andrew Lloyd Webber & Trevor Nunn https://youtu.be/tqx3LDawgS8
474. Bacchanal Buffet Crying Roy Orbison https://youtu.be/tNdBLBleO90
475. Mail Jeeps of Yore Nutcracker March Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and George Balanchine https://youtu.be/Xph2vDRWbv4
476. Anthony Poppapimple Head Nod Supreme 1 Jack Elphick https://youtu.be/V1bzGVlpMj4
477. Smoking For Many Years Quiet Before The Storm Vladimir Simunek https://youtu.be/oyC3IzFMMAQ
478. They Are Upside-Down Funeral March Frederic Chopin https://youtu.be/4ERuIfB-DQw
479. Back To Heartland Works Bad Michael Jackson https://youtu.be/dsUXAEzaC3Q
480. Tale of Greta Thunberg Upside Down (Bouncing Off The Ceiling) A*Teens https://youtu.be/7voxAr1bGRA
481. Delivered To a Radio Station Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) Looking Glass https://youtu.be/DVx8L7a3MuE
482. Shaun Brooker Is On Fire Knowledge is Power Teresa Jennings https://youtu.be/4AAPxGw1hCI
483. Prayer & Random Chance The Silly Song (The Dwarfs' Yodel Song) Snow White's Dwarf Chorus https://youtu.be/AmK-JGDYF_0
484. Please Try Harder That's My Dodge Chrysler Corp. https://youtu.be/pS3TFCY0BBI
485. Events of 2017 My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion https://youtu.be/AjnJDBHmN18
486. Bernie Sanders K-K-K-Katy Billy Murray https://youtu.be/45qkbNO7TME
487. Things That Are Bayesian Hooked on a Feeling Blue Swede https://youtu.be/NrI-UBIB8Jk
488. Foods For Fitness Pump Up The Jam Technotronic https://youtu.be/9EcjWd-O4jI
489. Overtime Space Jam Quad City DJs https://youtu.be/gO3cFz53vs8
490. Events of 2020 Hold On, I'm Coming Sam & Dave https://youtu.be/6JElrEbAcwY
491. Student Loans Chicken Reel Joseph M. Daly & Joseph Mittenthal https://youtu.be/Fr3Rcl8ygCA
492. Last Images Nearer My God To Thee Mike Curb Congregation https://youtu.be/414J9NAJ9fs
493. Ballad of the USS Squalus Oh, Dem Golden Slippers James A. Bland https://youtu.be/cUZ5XzsHN-c
494. (Doc Glasgow said) Night Night Beep Beep The Playmates https://youtu.be/ayTJtVzHOLs
495. Edit Wikipedia Riding In A Car Barney & Friends https://youtu.be/OpEHMH6I32Q
496. No More Beep Beep The Playmates https://youtu.be/TZjI10D1mec
497. Planet Vjun Gesύ Bambino Pietro Yon, David Archuleta, arranged by Arthur Harris https://youtu.be/PhNahhK1I20
498. Tupelo Hey Sandy Polaris https://youtu.be/Fp66-bsSnLg
499. Emergent Age Cheers Theme Gary Portnoy https://youtu.be/JhVRzh4_j50
500. Rio De Oro Sunrise Richard Strauss https://youtu.be/6mmuNxYLxTs
(Continued on songwriting plans 501-750)
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