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David W. Lawrence. Partner. KEY QUALIFICATIONS. David is a U.S. qualified lawyer (Illinois) who has been working in Thailand since 2010. David joined Pisut & Partners as a partner in January 2019, where he serves his corporate, SME and personal clients over a wide range of industries, regions and matters. View Isobell Lawrence’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Isobell has 7 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Isobell’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Lawrence, MA 01840. [email protected] (978) 655-5824. Subscribe to our Newsletter ... lawrence > community events for sale gigs housing jobs resumes services > all activity partners artists childcare general groups local news and views lost & found missed connections musicians pets politics rants & raves rideshare volunteers activity partners > Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney started dating in the spring of 2018, ... To its credit, the magazine does refer to Maroney as a caring partner, albeit one that wasn't a massive fan of the ... The Lawrence County Community Foundation (LCCF), a Partner in the Community Foundation Partnership, Inc., is accepting applications for non-traditional scholarships. Non-traditional scholarships are available to students who postponed pursuing secondary education for one or more years after graduating from high school. By donating to the Lawrence County Partners for Preservation, you are assisting us with securing a structure to operate within. Our goal is to renovate and occupy a historic building to shine as a beacon from which historic preservation is assisted and encouraged. Lawrence Ross Partner at Michener Investments, LLP. Boise, ID. Lawrence Ross. Lawrence Ross A Physician's Friend for all legal, professional and business matters Buffalo, NY. Lawrence Ross ... Lawrence County Community Foundation 1324 K Street, Suite 150 P.O. Box 1235 Bedford, Indiana 47421 Phone: (812) 279-2215 Fax: (812) 279-1984. Martin County Community Foundation 2668 US Highway 50 P.O. Box 28 Loogootee, Indiana 47553 Phone: (812) 295-1022 Lawrence Leisure Co-Founder & Managing Partner. Co-Founder and Managing Partner Larry Leisure brings over four decades of experience in the healthcare services and management industry to Chicago Pacific Founders. The CPF team has united top names in the health field, and Larry is no exception. ...

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2020.09.30 14:43 MulciberTenebras Turner Classic Movies (TCM) - The Full U.S. Schedule for October 2020, with Horror film classics and Star of the Month: PETER CUSHING

Thursday - October 1st, 2020

TCM Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years of the Film Foundation

Friday – October 2nd, 2020


Saturday – October 3rd, 2020


Sunday – October 4th, 2020

TCM Birthday Tribute: BUSTER KEATON

Monday – October 5th, 2020

Star of the Month: PETER CUSHING

Tuesday – October 6th, 2020

Wednesday – October 7th, 2020


Thursday – October 8th, 2020

TCM Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years of the Film Foundation

Friday – October 8th, 2020


Saturday – October 9th, 2020

The ESSENTIALS: Three of a Kind

Sunday – October 11th, 2020


Monday – October 12th, 2020

Star of the Month: PETER CUSHING

Tuesday – October 13th, 2020

Wednesday – October 14th, 2020


Thursday – October 15th, 2020

TCM Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years of the Film Foundation

Friday – October 16th, 2020


Saturday – October 17th, 2020

The ESSENTIALS: Gene Kelly

Sunday – October 18th, 2020


Monday – October 19th, 2020

Star of the Month: PETER CUSHING

Tuesday – October 20th, 2020

Wednesday – October 21st, 2020


Thursday – October 22nd, 2020

TCM Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years of the Film Foundation

Friday – October 23rd, 2020


Saturday – October 24th, 2020

The ESSENTIALS: Jan Sterling

Sunday – October 25th, 2020


Monday – October 26th, 2020

Star of the Month: PETER CUSHING

Tuesday – October 27th, 2020

Wednesday – October 28th, 2020


TCM Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years of the Film Foundation

Friday – October 30th, 2020


Saturday – October 31st, 2020 [HALLOWEN]

The ESSENTIALS: Nuclear Nightmare

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2020.09.29 16:00 disposablepewpew Behold! My Stuff! The ramblings of Self Hoster with too much time.

NOTE: If formatting looks bad, I'm still working on this post.
Purpose of this post
To show off and explain my current set up. I don't get to talk about my home lab much, and from a recent thread on this sub, I realised this is the kind of post I enjoy, so I figured I'd contribute. This isn't exhaustive, and I may come back to edit this and add more information depending on how well recieved it is. If this is not in the spirit of the sub, or against the rules, feel free to remove it, but the reason I posted this here instead of homelab is that I'm mainly using this infrastructure to self host things for myself. It's not in home server because, well, I have more than just one server.
There are a few things that dictate what goes into my set up, and what I am comfortable using in "production"
  1. Must be truly self hosted, and cannot rely on external servers to function. I don't like the idea of plex requiring external authentication, or using Googles OAuth in front of my services.
  2. Security. Only I and my partner use my set up. The only acccess to my lab/set up is via a VPN. Everthing else is blocked by default.
  3. If it doesn't need access to the internet, it doesn't get access to the internet. For example, why does my printer need to phone home? Why does my CCTV system need to talk to the manufacturers servers? These things are blocked by default and cannot talk to anything on the LAN.
  4. Before I run a container, I will go through the dockerfile to try and understand what is going on. I dislike blindly trusting things. While I'm no pro, I can get a pretty good idea of what's happening.
Dell Precision T5600
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2667 Processors
1x1TB SSB for VM Storage
2x3TB HDD's, RAID1
1 built in gigabit ethernet port plus a intel quad gigabit card
NVidia Geforce Quadro P4000 Graphics Card, but will be replaced by a AMD R9 280X because AMD don't pull stupid manouvers with their graphics card drivers
Freenas Host
HP Proliant Microserver Gen8
Intel Xeon E3-1260L
Noname Mini PC from Aliexpress
6 intel gigabit ports
Switch TP-Link 16 port gigabit managed switch
Access Point (Add in later), running OpenWRT
Software / VM's / Containers
Heimdall (Container) A dashboard for all my internal services and hardware. I use this instead of bookmarks as I just need to update one location. It's not dependant on a browser which is ideal for my use case.
Portainer (Container) Docker front end. Works well. Is connected to my DC's for SSO.
Leantime (Container) Project managements
Snipe IT (Container) IT Asset Management
phpIPAM (Container) IP Address Management - Some of you have asked for more information about how I'm using this in my set up. The short version is that I use this to track what IP addresses are currently assigned, and what one's are available. This is handy because if I want to set up a new cluster, I prefer them to all have sequential addresses. Not necessary, but this order pleases me. I used to note all the in use IP addresses in a page on my bookstack, but when I learnt of IPAM, I decided to give it a go. Currently it's only tracking IP addresses used, but there are way more features such as network scanning, rack diagrams, vlan documenting etc.
Guacamole (Container) Remote RDP client running in a browser. Super handy to have.
Gitea (Container) GIT version control. Mainly for storing my ansible playbooks and configuration files.
Transmission (Container) Yar Har Fiddle De Dee
pyLoad (Container) Download manager written in python. Pretty handy for downloads that could take a while.
Syncthing (Freenas Jail) Initially I was using Nextcloud, but for my purposes, it just felt super bloated. I only needed a way to synchronise my keepass database.
Bookstack (Container) Internal wiki.
Jellyfin (Container) Media player.
Ansible / VS Code(Dedicated VM) Dedicated VM which I use as an Ansible Master. I've installed VS Code Server on here so I can edit any playbooks and do things remotely if I feel the need without having to set up a new environment. Is also pretty useful for managing a kubernetes clusters as I have kubectl and rke set up on here. Saves having to set up multiple workstations and sync things across.
YoutubeDl (Container) For the downloading of youtubes and things.
NordVPN (Container) Some *cough* websites for the downloadings are not strictly allowed where I'm from, so this container allows me to bypass that to a degree. Transmission, pyload and youtubedl all go through this container. Works pretty well.
Pwndrop (Container) Has way more functionality than I'm currently using. I'm mainly using it to share files between devices/vms. Also, the default 404 page is a rick roll. The dev is my kinda people.
Ubooquity (Container) For the reading of ebooks and comics. I tried calibre, but for my needs, it just felt super bloated. I like dealing with files directly, and not the apple approach which is to organise things for me.
Veeam (Dedicated VM) Amazing software for backups. The only complaint I have is that it requires windows, but you can't have it all. Free version allows the backup of 10 devices, or, if you get the NFR version (also free), you can do up to 20.
WS2019 - DC1 (Dedicated VM) WS2019 - DC2 (Dedicated VM, but under bhyve on Freenas) Domain controllers. For the controllering of my domain.
Docker Host - (Dedicated VM) The majority of my services run on this VM. It has shares from my Freenas box mounted so the containers can access them.
Factorio Server - (Dedicated VM) This will be decomissioned soon pending the successful deployment of a Pterodactyl server.
Borgbackup - (Dedicated VM) Can't reccomend borgbackup enough. Works well for my needs and super easy to set up.
Windows10 Domain Manager - (Dedicated VM) This is a dedicated Windows 10 VM that I use to manage the windows infrastructure. DNS, Active directory and control of the VEEAM server is all done from here. This is connected to my domain so SSO works really well from here. I prefer not to use my primary workstation or laptops for these purposes, so having a vm to rdp into is super handy.

My Infrastructure Explained
Let's start with the firewall as it's a good place as any. I have used pfSense ever since I started hosting my own things, and have had no issues with it. Originally, it was virtualised, and this worked great for many years. However, once I started to tinker more, I realised that my entire network going down because I needed to reboot my esxi host was becoming a pain. I purchased a (relatively) cheap device from Aliexpress with 6 gigabit ethernet ports and migrated my pfsense install over this. It has been on pretty much 24/7 since then with no issues whatsoever. I have single sign on enabled on here, linked to my Active Directory (which I will come back to later). I must say, the migration for virtual to physical hardware was a breeze with pfSense's built in back up and restore feature.
Aside from running my firewall, I have OpenVPN set up on here, which is super handy, as I can remote in to this if any issues occur with the rest of my lab and I'm away from home. I also have HAProxy running on here which provides a reverse proxy and ssl offloading for anything that I don't want to provide a self signed certificate for. Additionally, this device also hosts my certificate authority. While I have no issue using Lets Encrypt for any publicly facing servers (of which there are currently none), I prefer using my own CA and signing my own certificates. I have the root certs installed on all my devices so everything is trusted internally.
Ideally, I wanted to add wireless capability to my pfSense machine, but that was an excercise in futility as getting BSD to recognise the 5 different wireless cards I tried was just not happening. May revisit this is in the future if/when pfsense adds in support for more wireless cards. If anyone has any experience here, I would love some feedback. I went through the "supported" list of cards, but just couldn't get anything recognised. The consensus seems to be to not use pfsense for this, but goddammit, that's what I want to do. The system even has 2 mount points for wireless antennas so it's begging for this.
My current pride and joy. It's a pretty old Dell Precision T5600 which I bought a few months ago. It's an absolute chonker, but was a major upgrade from my HP Microsercer G8 which was limited to 16GB RAM. I'm running ESXI 6.7U3 on this, with VCenter installed as a VM. I really do like esxi, even though it's closed source. I did try running Proxmox in lab for a while, but ran into a few issues which caused me to go crawling back to vmware's offerings. I have also tried XCP-NG, but I didn't like the amount of work XOA required to set up (if you wanted to self host). Aside from some issues getting GPU passthrough to work (thanks to NVidia and their stupid error 43), this thing has been rock solid on ESXI 6.7.
Freenas Host
Love it or hate it, Freenas has been super stable for me. Initially it was virtualised, but now it's running on my microserver since the G8 is retired (mostly) from virtualisation duties. This provides the majority of stable storage to my services. Additionally, it runs Syncthing in a jail which I set up from scratch (thanks to Lawrence Systems on Youtube. Those guys are a gold mine of information) which backs up a few documents and my keepass database to all my devices. The only other thing running on this server is my secondary domain controller which is a windows 2019 VM that runs AD and DNS for my domain.
Nothing overly interesting here, it's a cheapo TP-Link managed switch. It's a switch. It does switch things, and does them well. Aside from the annoyance of dealing the engrish on the web panel, I've had no issues here.
Access Point
Super cheap wireless travel router flashed with OpenWRT. Provides enough coverage for everything as the majority of things in my set up are wired. This is on my list as the next upgrade I would like to do.
Active Directory
I wanted single sign on for all my devices, so first I tried FreeIPA. This worked pretty well, but apparently doesn't play nice with Freenas. Freenas is bae, so FreeIPA had to go. After this I spent ages trying to get Samba AD to work as my primary domain controller. I had it set up on a Raspberry Pi as the primary DC, with a secondary installed as a VM. This worked ok. I even wrote my first bash script to set to set up 2 samba DC's for me as it's a pretty involved process. However, I kept running into a few niggly issues which really bugged me enough to resort to using Windows Server 2019. This has been rock solid since then. The DNS and DC are replicated to a secondary WS2019 machine being virtualised under bhyve on my freenas box. Going from esxi to bhyve was a major downgrade, and I wouldn't reccomend it, but I needed some redundancy here for when I need to reboot my esxi host.
My backup strategy is very simple at the moment. All important data is stored on the Freenas box. This includes backups from VEEAM which back up all the VM's from my esxi host. This deals with bit rot and other data storage shenanigans. I'm using RAIDZ1 which covers me in the case of a disk failure. The shares I actually care about are mounted to a Borgbackup VM, which then backs up to 2 external hard drives that I rotate from an off-site location weekly. The backup keys are stored in my keepass db, which is synced to all my local devices, as well as on to the external hdd's. This should be enough to cover me in most scenarios.
This has been a lifesaver a few times. Any time I try something new, and manage to get it to work successfully, I document it. Currently using Bookstack, and can highly reccomend it. Lovely to work with. Before this, I was using DokuWiki, which is also great, but lacked some of the fancier features Bookstack has built in.
So, I'm only recently getting into this, and need to spend much more time on this aspect. However, I have a working TIG (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana) stack up and running, and a few graphs which others have made. I do plan on building my own super fancy dashboard eventually. I've also just managed to set up an ELK (Elasicsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack, but it's not doing a whole lot just yet.
Ever have that issue where you want to spin up some services but don't want to go through your documentation and copy paste all your commands into a terminal like some sort of pleb? Automate it. I started with Puppet, and while it was very fancy and worked pretty well, Ansible is the real bae here. Super easy to get started with. I've set up an Ansible Server, with VS Code installed so I can do all the things from a web browser. This set up feels super fancy and is probably one of my favourite new toys.
VM's and their "quirks"
The primary Linux OS I use as the base for all my VM's in Debian. While I have iso's for other distros that I use if I must, Debian 10 is the standard base for everything. To simplify rolling out new services that require a dedicated vm, I have created a "Golden Image". This is a base install of Debian 10, with my self signed certs installed, domain name set up, and a few common bits of software I will use everywhere such as open-vm-tools. If I need to roll out a new vm based on this, I can clone it in VCenter, and use a template to assign it a static ip and hostname. I've also created an ansible playbook that can set up a new golden image on another distro if I need to. This has been a major time saver.
Container Management
Docker has simplified so much when it comes to deploying software. Being able to run a multitude of services without building a dedicated VM for each one is brilliant. I'm currently running quite a few services on 1 VM with 4vCPU's and 8GB RAM. Portainer is the current frontend. While this set up works great and I've had no issues with it, I'm currently working on migrating to singled node "HA" k8s cluster with Rancher. I have this mostly working, but I'm stuck on getting rancher to work with Active Directory, so if anyone has any tips, I'm here for that.

Current Projects
Rancher / Kubernetes - Complete overkill, but I'd like to migrate my containers to Rancher. I don't want to use the docker version of Rancher as I would like to be able to move to a full HA if I want to. I currently have a single node, HA Rancher install working. Next steps are to set up another single node kubernetes cluster, add it to rancher and convert my docker-compose files to work with rancher.
Pterodactyl io - More containers! But for games. Set up seems pretty easy to do, but I'd like to create a playbook so I don't need to manually do this if I fancy a rebuild.
Documentation - While I have documented part of my set up, I realised I wanted it to be much more in depth. This post is the result of that. Worst case scenario, I add another page to my bookstack.

This may read like a ramble, and I will be back to edit and sanitise this, but in the meantime, feel free to ask questions, critique my set up and let me know if there's a better way you think I can do things.
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2020.09.28 00:16 RiverPerdita Young Love is BLIND

Firstly thanks @ArcaneWarlock15 for creating this place to finally share my tragic love story. Anyways...
We were in 3rd year high school, (Scotland) so age 13/14. I became friends with a girl in my German class because we sat next to each other (surname alphabetically) and she was really cool. The tables were split in threes but the other guy was NEVER there, so we felt a bit closer than everyone else.
We used to joke about the teacher, other classmates, anything! We met up outside of school and were generally best friends. When I tell you this girl was perfect, funny, gorgeous smart, witty!!! She was everything 13 year old me wanted but of course there was no way she liked me back.
So summer break came and my Aunt decided she was taking my cousin and I to Berlin for 3 weeks so she could dance (Tango and Salsa), whole other story, loads of fun but I digress.
One day I'm speaking to her from a hostel computer on Facebook, this was less than 10 years ago but i was not a technology friendly kinda kid, think Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai that's 13 year old, and kinda now 21 year old me... we were speaking and she asked me when I was coming home, I told her another week and a half...and she... LOST IT, she was not happy I wouldn't be back in time for her birthday and decided to not only ignore me over Facebook for the rest of my holiday, but the rest of the summer!
The next time I saw her was back in German class, we sat together without the third guy as usual. Remember she was still cold with me and I really cared about looking cool, etc in front of her. She decided today instead of talking shit about other classmates she'd ask me which girls I fancied (had a crush on). She went round the whole class, every girl. "Do you like her?" "No." Every. Single. One.
Finally she turned to me, after she'd said every name but one she asked me, "Is there no one you fancy in this class? Or... would it be... awkward ;)"
"No... it wouldn't be, not anymore."
*current me still facepalms at my young stupid self...
Wait for it though
I replied "And what about you?"
"Well...that would be awkward."
And that was the last thing she said to me till my 16th birthday when she firmly rejected me asking her out. Of course my obsession didn't stop, it continued strongly. The first 3 years I thought about her AT LEAST every waking minute of the day, there was a solid 2 years where the last thing I did was listen to one song that inspired me to think of her before going to sleep, kinda like a meditation ritual, done religiously, like thinking about her when I crossed the road, ate breakfast, wiped my arse, it was a constant, she was always there. In my mind.
She didn't give me a cold shoulder from then on, no, she acted like I didn't EXIST, the next period for German I was not in, the following one she had moved to the front of the class, and I was left alone, staring at the back of her head. Till I failed that class over a year later. So much for alphabetical order.
Nowadays she moved away, we've both had a few different partners since then, we became friends years later but she made it clear she doesn't feel anything like that towards me, but we did kiss outside the pub one night... (magic, heaven, dreams come true) on the other hand she successfully slept with one of my best friends and unsuccessfully tried to sleep with one more. No doubt everyone starting to find her attractive after puberty hit her hard, but I always unrequited-ly loved her. No matter what.
If you have any questions I'd love to fill in the missing details. Please also let me know if there's a better suited sub for this story. I would like to condense it though I think in the future, and add more... if that's possible?
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2020.09.24 21:19 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 24, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 24, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Register for your Absentee Ballot here!
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.09.24 13:05 SunnyJim57 The Good and the Bad of Daniel Jones

I am pasting here the game review article by the folks over at Big Blue Interactive --
as I think they raise several important issues that could impact future direction. I like these guy's write-ups because, while they are clearly pro-Giants, they are not pollyanna about every player or team direction until the bitter end.
You will see from the article that despite the variety of player weaknesses they identify, they are still hopeful the Giants have enough this year to scrabble to 8-8 or 9-7 and maybe a one-night stand in the playoffs.
To me though, the biggest observation made concerns Daniel Jones and the potential ceiling on his talent. This will undoubtedly come as no revelation to anyone, but I at least find it difficult to assess these things while watching real time - I'm just a fan, and an old one at that.
But what the article points out is that Jones continues to be a dangerously slow and somewhat indecisive decision-maker (for Eli lovers, the exact opposite of what made Eli a top quality QB at his best moments). The article accuses Jones of not seeing an open Tate on the final play before throwing the game-ending incompletion. It also puts the 1st Q fumble directly on his tardy shoulders.
I don't know if they are right about this or not, or whether DJ will get quicker and more decisive with experience, but what if the tendency identified is close to spot on, and by season's end we are sitting with the top pick in the draft (or the second pick if the Bengals maintain their crown); do you draft Lawrence? To be in that position we'd have to end up around 2 wins or less and so a lot of ugly football will have transpired; but assuming DJ doesn't get hurt, continues to play with the toughness he clearly possesses, makes the occasional nice pass to someone and tosses in a little effective scrambling here and there, what do you do? Hopefully Judge will get this team further up the W column and the question will be mooted. More hopefully, DJ's play will dispel this observation. But if we find ourselves back where we've recently lived so frequently, would you? Could you?
There are a bunch of other observations that highlight the limitations of this roster: Peppers' continued poor Safety play; Tomlinson's lack of lateral speed and its impact on the run defense; the limitations of whoever is Martinez's ILB partner; the absence of a decent OLB to compliment Carter; Ballentine; Gates at center; WR generally. No surprises; just sad reinforcement. But all of that pales compared to the observation on Jones -- if they are correct, the franchise is back to square 1 come '21.
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2020.09.23 14:41 GaryNunchucks The Weekly Mock Draft 2.0: Vikings replace Diggs, Bengals protect Burrow

What is The Weekly Mock Draft?
Every Wednesday/Thursday of the season (starting today and ending after Week 17), I will post a mock draft. The order is determined by Tankathon (record and SOS) and will be updated weekly as well. This will be used as a tool to determine how the stocks of the top prospects changed throughout the year and for the fans to have something to look forward to once football games are over for the week. The teams will pick players as if they are drafting today. Enjoy!
1. Carolina: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
Teddy Bridgewater is not the long-term answer at QB and everyone knows it. If Carolina does in fact end up with the top pick, they will not hesitate to select the athletic Clemson standout, Trevor Lawrence. His bend of size, athleticism, and arm talent combines with physical gifts to create the dream QB many teams long for. The Panthers can have him sit behind Bridgewater for a season or choose to play him from Week 1. Either way, the team will have an exciting QB to build around for years to come.
2. Atlanta: Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
If games were won solely by offense, Atlanta would be 2-0. However, their defense has came short in the past two games and Thomas Dimitroff needs to make big moves this upcoming offseason if he wants to keep his job. Micah Parsons, without a doubt, is the best defensive player in this class and fits a need at LB. Although he isn't the most consistent tackler, his potential outweighs any concerns, making him a perfect fit for a Falcons defense that needs a spark.
3. Minnesota: Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU
Adam Thielen has been great as the WR1 in Minnesota and Justin Jefferson has time to develop as this is only his rookie season. Bisi Johnson has been fairly lackluster in two seasons as a Viking and isn't expected to be a core member of Minnesota offense. The Vikings need a proper replacement for Stefon Diggs and if Justin Jefferson doesn't live up to his expectations as a Round 1 pick, they need to consider Ja'Marr Chase. He is a natural receiver, with a smooth style of play and plucky hands, and could help form a deadly receiving group in Minnesota.
4. Detroit: Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama
The Lions LB trio has been uninspiring in their play so far and players like Jarrad Davis and Christian Jones can certainly be replaced any day of the week. Moses is an athletic LB with extraordinary instincts and range. If Jamie Collins Sr. can keep up the play he displayed in New England, pairing him with Moses would provide a great boost to the young Lions defense.
5. Cincinnati: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
The best non-QB prospect falls to Cincinnati at 5 and will be the easiest pick of the draft. Cincinnati is desperate for help on the offensive line, especially the OT position. Rookie Jonah Williams is expected to be a mainstay on the offensive line but is capable of moving around and if Sewell is drafted, he could shift to LG. Another situation would involve both Williams and Sewell playing OT. Wherever the coaches decide to place them, the Bengals will have two talented linemen that can help keep promising rookie QB Joe Burrow healthy.
6. Philadelphia: Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech
The Eagles have had a terrible start to the season, losing their first two games to teams they were supposed to be better than, but all the blame can't be placed on Carson Wentz and the offense. Starting CBs Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox have not performed up to par and although Slay is expected to a star on the Eagles defense, Maddox can be replaced and Farley is the perfect option. The elite Virginia Tech CB may be new to defending WRs but he plays like he has experience. A CB duo of Slay and Farley would certainly come in handy against an NFC East featuring up and coming receivers like CeeDee Lamb and Terry McLaurin.
7. NY Giants: Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami
Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams, and Lorenzo Carter have already recorded sacks and showed flashes of pass rushing prowess. Markus Golden has also been solid but the Giants still need a boost at the EDGE position. Rousseau is a raw but terrific edge defender with exceptional length that can help take the Giants defense to the next level.
8. Miami: DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama
Miami has a great WR1 in top 15 receiver DeVante Parker but his offensive partners, Preston Williams and Isaiah Ford, could be better. Ford enters free agency after this season and Miami could make a dramatic upgrade by drafting Too Tagovailoa's college teammate, DeVonta Smith. The Alabama game changer would be a reliable option in any offense and his chemistry with Tagovailoa will already be there, making him a worthy reach at 8.
9. Denver: Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama
A.J. Bouye is out for a few weeks with an injury but nobody was expecting him to play like the All-Pro shutdown corner he was in Jacksonville. Bryce Callahan isn't doing too great but still has the potential to turn around his season. Nevertheless, Denver needs to add another CB this upcoming offseason and if they miss out on Farley, they should consider Patrick Surtain II. He has the ideal combination of height, weight, and length for a CB and has displayed the patience and aggressiveness necessary to thrive as a corner in the NFL.
10. Houston → MIA: Quincy Roche, EDGE, Miami
Miami reaches once again, but this time for the explosive in-state EDGE Quincy Roche. The Dolphins pass rushing unit consists of Raekwon Davis, Emmanuel Ogbah, Shaq Lawson, and Kyle Van Noy, none of whom have made a positive impact yet as Dolphins. A lethal defender like Roche needs to be brought in to bolster the pass rush and fill in one of Miami's biggest needs.
11. NY Jets: Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
Sam Darnold has not lived up to the expectations of being the best QB from the 2018 NFL Draft and although the blame can be put on Adam Gase and the front office not providing more weapons, Darnold has still failed to try and make the best of his situation. The Jets are likely to have a much higher pick but if the draft were to occur today, they would pick at 11. And since this scenario puts them in the war room today, the Jets will bounce on Justin Fields if he is available. Lance is a natural arm that can make effortless throws with accuracy. If Adam Gase is fired as expected, the new coach will likely want to start fresh with a tough QB like Fields.
12. Tampa Bay: Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
Tampa Bay has one of the best WR duos in the league in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Both receivers made the Pro Bowl last season as deserved and with Tom Brady at the helm, the duo could have as good of a season once they are on the field together. Scotty Miller, on the other hand, is not the type of third option that can change the outcome of a game. Chris Godwin will also be a free agent and there is a possibility that the Buccaneers decide to pass on paying him if they want to spend on other positions of need and if they can find a replacement in the draft. This could also end up being a situation similar to what the Cowboys were in this April, taking CeeDee Lamb at 17. Rondale Moore, like Lamb, is a RAC machine that resembles a running back with the ball in his hands. His presence will make Tom Brady's life easier and perhaps propel Tampa Bay to the next tier.
13. Washington: Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
The departure of Trent Williams left Washington starting Geron Christian Sr. at LT. Christian Sr. is obviously not the long-term starter and could be replaced as soon as next March. Washington could also opt to wait for the draft and pick from a skinny selection of OTs. Leatherwood will likely be available at 13 and Washington should definitely pick him to fully move on from Trent Williams and keep young offensive pieces Dwyane Haskins Jr. and Antonio Gibson healthy.
14. LA Chargers: Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
Starting CBs Chris Harris Jr. and Casey Hayward Jr. have not turned any heads with their play so far this season and Desmond King II is frustrated with his role, plus he will be a free agent next spring. Both Harris Jr. and Hayward Jr. will also become free agents together in 2022 and could potentially leave if the Chargers don't perform well. However these next two free agency periods go, the Chargers need to prepare for the future by adding to their secondary. Derwin James and Nasir Adderley are young and promising safeties but CB is the position that really needs to be addressed. Tyson Campbell is a very good outside corner with great athleticism and agility. Drafting him will bump the Chargers up one step in the rebuilding process.
15. Cleveland: Creed Humphrey, IOL, Oklahoma
Cleveland has many needs and two of the most important ones, a leader and an IOL, are addressed with this pick. Creed Humphrey displayed responsibility and leadership as Oklahoma's best blocker and possesses a stronger lower body, helpful in preventing defensive linemen from getting past him. The Browns often rely on Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to run the ball and Humphrey will be instrumental in bolstering the team's ground game.
16. Jacksonville: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State
Gardner Minshew II has played well and was only 3 points away from leading the Jaguars to a 2-0 record. It has been obvious for the past couple months that Jacksonville's ownership is not interested in winning as they cut star RB Leonard Fournette and got rid of stars on the defensive side of the ball. Minshew II has done what he can to save his job by winning in Week 1 and trying to prove that he deserves to be the Jaguars franchise QB but for now, a replacement seems to be on Jacksonville's radar. The NFL is slowly shifting to an era in which dual-threat QBs reign supreme and Lance fits that mold. He is a competitive athlete with good body and arm strength and could either sit as a backup for his rookie year or start from the beginning and Jacksonville could find a trade for Minshew II.
17. Indianapolis: Marvin Wilson, IDL, Florida State
The Colts get the steal of the draft by landing top 10 prospect Marvin Wilson from Florida State. DeForest Buckner is a defensive star and will be a part of the Colts defense for many years but his teammate on the defensive line, Grover Stewart, is replaceable and the Colts need to improve there. Wilson is a muscular defender with superb physical tools and good mobility for his size. Indianapolis has a young defense that can already get the job done and adding Wilson to the mix makes for an offense's worst nightmare.
18. San Francisco: Wyatt Davis, IOL, Ohio State
San Francisco's IOL needs an upgrade and Wyatt Davis is the ideal choice at 18. Laken Tomlinson has impressed so far at LG and has showed noticeable improvement from past seasons but Ben Garland and Daniel Brunskill are not doing as good of a job protecting their QB. Wyatt Davis, on the other hand, could drastically improve the 49ers offensive line. The 310 lb Ohio State blocker is a physically imposing bully with a natural feel from the game. He comes from an NFL family, providing lots of experience within the game and he would be a cornerstone on the offensive line.
19. New Orleans: Pat Freirmuth, TE, Penn State
Jared Cook is nearing retirement and this is the last season of his contract. With backups Josh Hill and Adam Trautman under contract for the next couple seasons, New Orleans will not have to keep Cook past his prime and they can instead opt for a cheap replacement through the draft. Although Trautman was a Round 3 pick this year, his role is yet to be determined and until he can show that he is worth being a TE1, the position is on the Saints radar. Freiermuth is a polished pass catcher and has garnered comparisons to Rob Gronkowski. If he can live up to the expectations, the Saints offense will become even more exciting than it already is and keep New Orleans atop the NFC South.
20. Dallas: Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State
Chidobe Awuzie is only under contract for this season and could depart Dallas if a better offer comes his way. At the age of 25, he still has room to improve and even if the Cowboys decide to keep him, another CB would not hurt. Trevon Diggs has not gotten off to a great start in his rookie year but is expected to do better considering the fact that he has had to defend teams with solid WRs these first two weeks. Now that Shaun Wade is the focal point of Ohio State's secondary, he will have his chance to shine and improve his draft stock. His aggressiveness and physical power make for a tone setting corner that will bolster Dallas's promising secondary.
21. New England: Christian Barmore, IDL, Alabama
Lawrence Guy, Byron Cowart, and Adam Butler form an underwhelming defensive line in New England and Bill Belichick needs to address the IDL position once the season ends. A rock solid interior defender, Barmore has displayed immense power and versatility as a member of Alabama's defense. He still has a long way to go until he unlocks his full potential but players like that would be perfect for the Patriots. New England is a great team for developing players into stars and if all goes as planned, Barmore will be a core member of the Patriots organization.
22. Green Bay: Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
Green Bay can also consider LB or WR here but Adebo is the BPA and fits a need at CB. Jaire Alexander has lived up to the expectations of being a Round 1 pick and will be the team's long-term starting CB but with RCB Kevin King becoming a free agent after this season, CB could potentially become a pressing need for the Packers. Adebo is an adequate piece in both the run game and the passing game. He has the physical tools, such as long arms and good length, to thrive as a corner in the NFC North, which serves a home to many star WRs such as Kenny Golladay and Adam Thielen.
23. Las Vegas: Jay Tufele, IDL, USC
Jonathan Hankins has shown flashes of improvement in his third season with the Raiders but his DT counterpart, Maliek Collins, has been uninspiring. Both players will be free agents in 2021 and it would be wise to keep Hankins and let Collins go. His replacement would be easy to find, as Jay Tufele is the explosive athlete Las Vegas needs on the defensive side of the ball. The Raiders defense is full of youth and adding an agile 315 lb pass rusher would make a big impact on the team's performance.
24. Kansas City: Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota
Tyreek Hill is now arguably the best WR in the AFC after the Deandre Hopkins trade but the other WRs Kansas City has provided Patrick Mahomes with could easily be upgraded through this WR-heavy draft. Sammy Watkins is only under contract for this season and with many teams desperate for a WR, he could be headed to another city. Rashod Bateman's exciting style of play is perfect for the high-octane Chiefs offense and similarly to Rondale Moore, his best quality may be his run after catch skills.
25. Chicago: Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
The Bears need to focus on their offense in the offseason and if Mitchell Trubisky can save his job, the first step Chicago should take is finding weapons for their franchise QB. Allen Robinson II is a top 15 receiver and deserves an extension but even if he gets one, the team's two other starters at WR, Darnell Mooney and Anthony Miller, are more suitable in backup roles and the Bears could certainly find better options. Jaylen Waddle is being projected by scouts to go much higher than 25 but if the speedy Alabama WR is available, it is very possible they choose him.
26. Pittsburgh: Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State
Alejandro Villanueva is perfectly fine at LT and the Steelers will most likely want to sign him to a new contract in March. On the right side, Zach Banner was the starter but he suffered an ACL injury and will be out for the rest of the season. He will also be a free agent come the offseason and it would be a cheaper option to only re-sign the better OT and draft a replacement for the other one. Dillon Radunz has primarily lined up as a LT at North Dakota State and Alejandro Villanueva has some experience at RT, making Radunz an excellent choice.
27. Tennessee: Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
Jonnu Smith has been a pleasant breakout player for the Titans, amassing 8 receptions, 120 receiving yards, and 3 receiving touchdowns in two games. However, the chance to add a potentially better player at the position in Kyle Pitts, especially since he is a top 25 prospect and an AFC South rival like the Jaguars could steal him at 32. Pitts is a creative route runner and has exceptional awareness on top of an outstanding catch radius. He can be treated as an extra receiver and make Ryan Tannehill's job much easier.
28. Arizona: Josh Myers, IOL, Ohio State
Arizona's IOL may have held opposing defenses to only 0 sacks in the first two games of the season but a large portion of the credit must be given to Kyler Murray and his ability to escape from the pocket with ease. The Cardinals need to address the interior and find players that can let Murray relax in the pocket and find his receivers. Josh Myers has impressed many at Ohio State with his mobility and speed and while there are some concerns about how he will translate to the NFL level, the Cardinals should not hesitate to upgrade their offensive line.
29. Seattle → NYJ: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan
The Jets drafted pass rusher Quinnen Williams in Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft and although he was underwhelming in his first season s a pro, he is poised for a breakout year if things go as planned. He could very well turn out to be the bright spot of this dreadful Jets team. Jordan Jenkins has also shown improvement but other than those two, the Jets don't have reliable options to rush the QB. The Michigan power rusher has the prototypical size for an edge defender and could have his best season yet with the Wolverines this fall. Putting him in the mix with Quinnen Williams will give the Jets a much needed boost to the defense.
30. Baltimore: Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State
DeShon Elliott has become Baltimore's starting FS in wake of the Earl Thomas fiasco but isn't expected to fill the shoes the Pro Bowler left behind. Elliott will suffice for this season but the Ravens need to find Earl Thomas's replacement in the offseason. Hamsah Nasirildeen is one of the more underrated prospects in this class and doesn't get the attention he deserves for his impressive play and if Baltimore can steal him, it truly is over for the rest of the league.
31. Buffalo: Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota
Buffalo will consider adding another CB to help Tre'Davious White lead the secondary or add a LB but instead, they reach for Minnesota anchor Daniel Faalele. LT Dion Dawkins is locked up on a long contract until 2025 but RT Daryl Williams will be a free agent this offseason and if he continues improving, his asking price may go up. In that case, the Bills can look to the draft for a new starter on the offensive line and Faalele would be put in a great situation.
32. LA Rams → JAX: Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
After drafting their franchise QB in Trey Lance, the Jaguars address the hole Leonard Fournette's release left at RB. James Robinson has impressed doubters with an electric Week 2 performance against the Titans but adding a game-changing back like Etienne would still make sense. If Jacksonville can make an RB timeshare work, they will have an exciting young offense to develop these next few years.
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2020.09.22 02:31 NoYeezyAtWeezyHeezy All Album Releases for Summer (June - August) of 2020

Below is a list of all the albums and EP's that were released in June through August. If there are any I missed or anything you think should be added, let me know and I'll gladly add it because I'm sure there are many I have missed. I've linked all of the ones that there have been album discussions if you would like to go leave your thoughts or rank the album. Also leave a comment below if one or multiple albums stood out to you for the month. Enjoy!

June 1st

June 2nd

June 3rd

June 4th

June 5th

June 7th

June 9th

June 10th

June 11th

June 12th

June 13th

June 14th

June 18th

June 19th

June 20th

June 22nd

June 26th

June 27th

June 30th

July 1st

July 3rd

July 4th

Dissolver No. 7 - Star Spangled Punch
Oak Grove - Must You Have Love Handles Before You Have a Handle On Love?
Victor Camozzi - Black Dog

July 8th

July 10th

July 17th

July 20th

July 23rd

July 24th

July 27th

July 31st

August 1st

August 6th

August 7th

August 10th

August 11th

August 12th

August 14th

August 15th

August 18th

August 19th

August 21st

August 22nd

August 25th

August 28th

August 29th

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2020.09.21 01:48 Olly1986 Blow up the whole thing - and trade Stafford.

It’s not fair to ask Stafford to hang around for yet another rebuild because this incompetent organization has failed again.
The smart play would be to seek trade partners for Stafford now, fire Quinn and Patricia and ride it with Chase Daniel knowing that this team will likely get the number one overall pick.
Then you rebuild with Trevor Lawrence under center on a rookie deal, a new GM and whatever picks you can get for Stafford (hopefully a first and anything else they can accrue.)
Stafford has given the Lions his all and he’s never had the pieces around him. It’s now time to look the future and Stafford can go and prove the doubters wrong at a competitive club.
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2020.09.20 20:39 Son-goku65655 Fandoms (A4F)

Greetings, all partners must be 18 or 18+ and female only sorry boys, I’m looking for a long term rp. Short term is okay I guess but prefer long term rp’s, now here is a list of fandoms and each person I play
———————————————————- Shameless u.s
Carl Gallagher ——————————————————————
Dbz and dragon ball super
Broly(non cannon) broly (cannon), goku black, cooler, zamasu, frieza, vegito, gogeta
Cobra kai
Hawk ——————————————————————
Madara Uchiha, Sasori, Tobi, Konan, Pain, hidan
Stranger things
Billy Hargrove ——————————————————————
Handsome jack, Timothy Lawrence, tyreen ——————————————————————
If you have any fandoms you want to do just say so I might know it, please don’t ask me to be some other characters who is not on my list of fandoms, for example asking me to play Steve Harrington. Anyways grammar I don’t judge just have more then one line at least put enough for a response.
I’m pretty much limitless if you want to include Nsfw so send me a chat of what fandom you want to do, the character you will be, and your kinks if you want Nsfw.... oh and put Madara somewhere so I know you read everything. Can’t wait to meet all of you bonus for those who want to do stranger things, cobra kai or borderlands
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2020.09.20 16:35 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 25 Jobs in .net Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Geico Senior Software Engineer - .NET Chevy Chase
Ledgent Technology .Net Developer Agoura Hills
HII Mission Driven Innovative Solutions Junior .Net/C# Web Developer - 241 Fort Belvoir- Va- Us
Seneca Resources, LLC .NET Developer Tuscaloosa
Katalyst Technologies Inc. Sitecore Architecture With .Net Brea
AbleForce Senior .NET Developer Carlsbad
The Silicon Partners Inc. Senior Developer (C# .Net) Folsom
AbleForce Senior .NET Developer Orange
AbleForce .NET Developer San Diego
ATR International, Inc. .Net Developer C# WPF *w2 San Leandro
Projas Technologies, LLC .Net Developer (work from home until COVID) Walnut Creek
Sempera Sr. .Net Engineer Aurora
BridgeView IT Senior .Net Software Engineer Greenwood Village
Ascent Services Group Full Stack Developer ( .Net / Angular) Westminster
I.T. Software Solutions Full Stack .Net Developer with MS Teams (9+ Yrs exp) Norwalk
Orangetheory Principal Software Engineer (.NET) Boca Raton
APN Software Services, Inc Sr. Developer (.NET) Jacksonville
Saiana Technologies, Inc. .Net developer(Analyst) Lakeland
Scalable Systems .Net Architect Maitland
DISYS - Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC Full Stack .NET Developer with Mobile Odessa
Proficient Business Systems Inc .Net Developer with Cloud Duluth
Tephra Inc. .Net Lead developer Yorkville
Torque Technologies Llc .Net Cloud Azure Architect with APIGEE Carmel
Pinnacle Partners .Net Developer Indianapolis
Arthur Lawrence .Net Lead / Developer Fairfield
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.19 17:29 tombstoneshadows28 Turner Classic Movies (U.S.) Schedule for October, 2020 (All times E.S.T.)

Thursday, October 01, 2020
(12:00 AM) (drama) Up The Down Staircase (1967/124 m/Robert Mulligan)
(2:15 AM) (comedy) Our Miss Brooks (1956/85 m/Al Lewis)
(4:00 AM) (drama)The Corn Is Green (1945/114 m/Irving Rapper)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Girl He Left Behind (1956/103 m/David Butler)
(8:00 AM) (war) Lafayette Escadrille (1958/93 m/William A. Wellman)
(9:45 AM) (comedy) Dondi (1961/100 m/Albert Zugsmith) '
(11:30 AM) (epic) The Shoes of the Fisherman (1968/162 m/Michael Anderson)
(2:15 PM) (crime) Ring of Fire (1961/91 m/Andrew L. Stone)
(4:00 PM) (suspense) Twenty Plus Two (1961/103 m/Joseph M. Newman)
(5:45 PM) (horror) Marooned (1969/129 m/John Sturges)
(8:00 PM) (drama) La Strada (1954/108 m/Federico Fellini)
(10:00 PM) (romance) Two for the Road (1967/111 m/Stanley Donen)
Friday, October 02, 2020
(12:00 AM) (romance) Dodsworth (1936/101 m/William Wyler)
(2:00 AM) (documentary) The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress (1944/40 m/Lt. Col. William Wyler)
(3:00 AM) (drama) Black Girl (1966/60 m/Ousmane Sembene)
(4:15 AM) (drama) The Music Room (1958/99 m/Satyajit Ray)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Go West (1940/80 m/Edward Buzzell)
(7:45 AM) (comedy) The Big Store (1941/83 m/Charles Riesner)
(9:30 AM) (comedy) Double Dynamite (1951/81 m/Irving Cummings)
(11:00 AM) (comedy) Girl In Every Port (1952/86 m/Chester Erskine)
(12:30 PM) (comedy) A Day at the Races (1937/109 m/Sam Wood)
(2:30 PM) (comedy) At the Circus (1939/87 m/Edward Buzzell)
(4:15 PM) (comedy) A Night at the Opera (1935/91 m/Sam Wood)
(6:00 PM) (epic) The Story of Mankind (1957/100 m/Irwin Allen)
(8:00 PM) (horror) Dracula (1931/74m/Tod Browning)
(9:30 PM) (suspense) Cat People (1942/73 m/Jacques Tourneur)
(11:00 PM) (horror) House on Haunted Hill (1958/75 m/William Castle)
Saturday, October 03, 2020
(12:30 AM) (horror) The Haunting (1963/112 m/Robert Wise)
(3:45 AM) (premiere) Wigstock: The Movie (1995/85 m/Barry Shils)
(5:15 AM) (short) The Relaxed Wife (1957/13 m/?)
(5:15 AM) (short) Time Out for Trouble (1961/19m/David S. Glidden)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Million Dollar Baby (1941/101 m/Curtis Bernhardt)
(8:00 AM) (premiere) MGM CARTOONS: The Peachy Cobbler (1950/7 m/Fred (Tex) Avery)
(8:08 AM) (short) Phonies Beware! (1956/8 m/Larry O'Reilly)
(8:17 AM) (short) Night Life in Chicago (1948/9 m/?)
(8:27 AM) (premiere) Arctic Fury (1949/61 m/Norman Dawn)
(9:30 AM) (premiere) THE WILD WEST DAYS: Redskins’ Revenge (1937/?/?)
(10:00 AM) (premiere) POPEYE: Baby Wants a Bottleship (1942/7 m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08 AM) (adventure) Safari Drums (1953/71 m/Ford Beebe)
(11:30 AM) (documentary) Alaska Lifeboat (1956/21 m/Herbert Morgan)
(12:00 PM) (drama) The Prince and the Pauper (1937/118 m/William Keighley)
(2:15 PM) (crime) Key Largo (1948/100 m/John Huston)
(4:15 PM) The Defiant Ones (1958/96 m/Stanley Kramer)
(6:00 PM) (romance) The Thomas Crown Affair (1968/102 m/Norman Jewison)
(8:00 PM) (epic) Lawrence of Arabia (1962/227 m/David Lean)
Sunday, October 04, 2020
(12:00 AM) (crime) Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950/95 m/Otto Preminger)
(2:00 AM) (western) Across the Wide Missouri (1951/78 m/William Wellman)
(3:30 AM) (musical) On An Island With You (1948/108 m/Richard Thorpe)
(5:30 AM) (short) Inflation (1942/17 m/Cy Endfield)
(6:00 AM) (romance) The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937/98 m/Richard Boleslawski)
(7:45 AM) (romance) Humoresque (1946/124 m/Jean Negulesco)
(10:00 AM) (crime) Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950/95 m/Otto Preminger)
(12:00 PM) (comedy) Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949/83 m/Elliott Nugent)
(1:30 PM) (comedy) The Women (1939/133 m/George Cukor)
(4:00 PM) (musical) Bye Bye Birdie (1963/112 m/George Sidney)
(6:00 PM) (documentary) The Great Buster: A Celebration (2018/101 m/Peter Bogdanovich)
(8:00 PM) (silent) Sherlock Jr. (1924/46 m/Buster Keaton)
(9:00 PM) (silent) The General (1927/79 m/Buster Keaton)
(10:30 PM) (silent) Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928/71 m/Charles F. Reisner)
Monday, October 05, 2020
(12:00 AM) (silent) Seven Chances (1925/57 m/Buster Keaton)
(2:00 AM) (drama) Viridiana (1961/91 m/Luis Buñuel)
(3:45 AM) (drama) The Exterminating Angel (1962/92 m/Luis Buñuel)
(5:30 AM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #5 (1955/26 m/?)
(6:00 AM) (musical) Roberta (1935/106 m/William A. Seiter)
(8:00 AM) (musical) Fashions of 1934 (1934/78 m/William Dieterle)
(9:30 AM) (drama) Stolen Holiday (1937/80 m/Michael Curtiz)
(11:00 AM) (comedy) Designing Woman (1957/118 m/Vincente Minnelli)
(1:00 PM) (comedy) Made in Paris (1966/103 m/Boris Sagal)
(2:45 PM) (romance) A Place for Lovers (1969/88 m/Vittorio De Sica)
(4:30 PM) (horror) Blood and Black Lace (1964/88 m/Mario Bava)
(6:00 PM) (suspense) Lured (1947/103 m/Douglas Sirk)
(8:00 PM) (crime) Cash on Demand (1961/80 min/Quentin Lawrence)
(9:30 PM) (romance) The End of the Affair (1955/106 m/Edward Dmytryk)
(11:30 PM) (crime) Time Without Pity (1957/85 m/Joseph Losey)
Tuesday, October 06, 2020
(1:15 AM) (adventure) John Paul Jones (1959/126 m/John Farrow)
(3:30 AM) (drama) Hamlet (1948/154 m/Laurence Olivier)
(6:15 AM) (comedy) A Chump at Oxford (1940/63 m/Alfred Goulding)
(7:30 AM) (drama) Vigil in the Night (1940/102 m/George Stevens)
(9:15 AM) (comedy) The Gay Bride (1934/80 m/Jack Conway)
(10:45 AM) (musical) Swing High, Swing Low (1937/83 m/Mitchell Leisen)
(12:15 PM) (comedy) Love Before Breakfast (1936/70 m/Walter Lang)
(1:30 PM) (comedy) Nothing Sacred (1937/74 m/William A. Wellman)
(3:00 PM) (comedy) Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941/95 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(4:45 PM) (comedy) To Be or Not to Be (1942/99 m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(6:30 PM) (documentary) The Golden Age of Comedy (1957/79 m/various)
(8:00 PM) (premiere) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 6) (2019/60 m/Mark Cousins)
(9:15 PM) (drama) The Ascent (1977/109 m/Larisa Sheptiko)
(11:15 PM) (documentary) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 6) (2019/60 m/Mark Cousins)
Wednesday, October 07, 2020
(12:30 AM) Meek's Cutoff (2010/104 m/Kelly Reichardt)
(2:30 AM) (premiere) Cameraperson (2016/103 m/Kirsten Johnson)
(4:30 AM) (comedy) Daisies (1966/76 m/Vera Chytilová)
(9:15 AM) (drama) The Journey (1959/126 m/Anatole Litvak)
(11:30 AM) (drama) The Squall (1929/102 mAlexander Korda)
(1:30 PM) (short) Beautiful Budapest (1938/9 m/?)
(1:45 PM) (short) Rural Hungary (1939/9 m/James A. FitzPatrick)
(2:00 PM) (drama) Fight For Your Lady (1938/66 m/Ben Stoloff)
(3:15 PM) (drama) Storm at Daybreak (1933/79 m/Richard Boleslavsky)
(4:45 PM) (romance) The Shop Around the Corner (1940/99 m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(6:30 PM) (musical) One Heavenly Night (1930/80 m/Geo. Fitzmaurice)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) No Time For Sergeants (1958/119 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(10:15 PM) (drama) A Face in the Crowd (1957/126 m/Elia Kazan)
Thursday, October 08, 2020
(12:30 AM) (western) Hearts of the West (1975/102 m/Howard Zieff)
(2:30 AM) (comedy) Onionhead (1958/110 m/Norman Taurog)
(4:30 AM) (comedy) Thunder Afloat (1939/95 m/George B. Seitz)
(6:15 AM) (crime) The Public Enemy (1931/84 m/William A. Wellman)
(8:15 AM) (romance) Red-Headed Woman (1932/79 m/Jack Conway)
(9:45 AM) (comedy) Dinner at Eight (1933/111 m/George Cukor)
(11:45 AM) (comedy) Saratoga (1937/92 m/Jack Conway)
(1:30 PM) (romance) Hold Your Man (1933/87 m/Sam Wood)
(3:15 PM) (romance) Red Dust (1932/83 m/Victor Fleming)
(4:45 PM) (comedy) Personal Property (1937/84 m/W. S. Van Dyke II)
(6:15 PM) (comedy) Bombshell (1933/96 m/Victor Fleming)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) The Front Page (1931/101 m/Lewis Milestone)
(10:00 PM) (suspense) Detour (1945/68 m/Edgar G. Ulmer)
(11:30 PM) (drama) The Man with the Golden Arm (1956/119m/Otto Preminger)
Friday, October 09, 2020
(1:45 AM) (romance) Love Affair (1939/88 m/Leo McCarey)
(3:30 AM) (crime) A Brighter Summer Day (1991/237 m/Edward Yang)
(7:00 AM) (short) Alice in Movieland (1940/22 m/Jean Negulesco)
(7:45 AM) (drama) Nora Prentiss (1947/111 m/Vincent Sherman)
(9:45 AM) (crime) Born to Kill (1947/92 m/Robert Wise)
(11:30 AM) (drama) Dark Passage (1947/106 m/Delmer Daves)
(1:30 PM) (suspense) Out of the Past (1947/97 m/Jacques Tourneur)
(3:15 PM) (crime) Race Street (1948/79 m/Edwin L. Marin)
(4:45 PM) (suspense) Impact (1949/111 m/Arthur Lubin)
(6:45 PM) (suspense) The Woman On Pier 13 (1950/73 m/Robert Stevenson)
8:00 PM) (horror) The Ghoul (1933/81 m/T. Hayes Hunter)
(9:30 PM) (horror) The Black Sleep (1956/82 m/Reginald LeBorg)
(11:00 PM) (horror) Mark of the Vampire (1935/60 m/Tod Browning)
Saturday, October 10, 2020
(12:15 AM) (horror) Night of the Living Dead (1968/96 m/George A. Romero)
(2:00 AM) (adventure) White Lightning (1973/101 m/Joseph Sargent)
(3:45 AM) (drama) Gator (1976/116 m/Burt Reynolds)
(5:45 AM) (short) The Corvair in Action! (1960/6 m/?)
(6:00 AM) (musical) The Opposite Sex (1956/116 m/David Miller)
(8:00 AM) (premiere) MGM Cartoons: Red Hot Riding Hood (1943/7 m/Fred (Tex) Avery)
(8:09 AM) (short) Fortune Seekers (1956/8 m/Larry O'Reilly)
(8:18 AM) (documentary) Historic Maryland (1941/8 m/?)
(8:27 AM) (drama) Men of the North (1930/61 m/Hal Roach)
(9:30 AM) (premiere) THE WILD WEST DAYS: Brink of Doom (1937/?/?)
(10:00 AM) (premiere) POPEYE: Alona the Sarong Seas (1942/7 m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08 AM) (premiere) The Golden Idol (1954/71 m/Ford Beebe)\
(11:30 AM) (comedy) King Of The Islands (1935/17 m/Ralph Staub)
. (12:00 PM) (adventure) Tarzan The Ape Man (1932/100 m/W. S. Van Dyke II)
(2:00 PM) (musical) Lili (1953/81 m/Charles Walters)
(3:30 PM) (comedy) Casino Royale (1967/131 m/John Huston, et. al.)
(6:00 PM) (musical) Top Hat (1935/100 m/Mark Sandrich)
(8:00 PM) (adventure) Gunga Din (1939/117 m/George Stevens)
(10:15 PM) (adventure) The Three Musketeers (1948/126 m/George Sidney)
Sunday, October 11, 2020
(12:30 AM) (crime) The Racket (1951/89 m/John Cromwell)
(2:30 AM) (comedy) Bananas (1971/82 m/Woody Allen)
(4:00 AM) (comedy) Hannah and Her Sisters (1986/107 m/Woody Allen)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935/143 m/Max Reinhardt)
(8:30 AM) (drama) Journey For Margaret (1942/81 m/Major W. S. Van Dyke II)
(10:00 AM) (crime) The Racket (1951/89 m/John Cromwell)
(12:00 PM) (drama) Sounder (1972/105 m/Martin Ritt)
(2:00 PM) (drama) The Secret Garden (1949/92 m/Fred M. Wilcox)
(3:45 PM) (drama) The Catered Affair (1956/94 m/Richard Brooks)
(5:30 PM) (musical) Flower Drum Song (1961/131 m/Henry Koster)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) The Front Page (1974/105 m/Billy Wilder)
(10:00 PM) (comedy) The Fortune Cookie (1966/126 m/Billy Wilder)
Monday, October 12, 2020
(12:15 AM) (comedy) Sidewalk Stories (1989/99 m/Charles Lane)
(2:15 AM) (comedy) The Firemen's Ball (1967/73 m/Milos Forman)
(3:45 AM) (premiere) All My Good Countrymen (1968/126 m/Vojtěch Jasný)
(6:00 AM) (horror) The Reptile (1966/90 m/John Gilling)
(7:45 AM) (horror) The Killer Shrews (1959/68 m/Ray Kellogg)
(9:00 AM) (horror) King Kong (1933/104 m/Merian C. Cooper)
(11:00 AM) (horror) The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953/80 m/Eugene Lourié)
(12:30 PM) (horror) Gojira (1954/96 m/Ishiro Honda)
(2:00 PM) (horror) Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954/79 m/Jack Arnold)
(3:30 PM) (horror) Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961/59 m/Roger Corman)
(4:45 PM) (horror) The Green Slime (1969/90 m/Kinji Fukasaku)
(6:30 PM) (horror) Night of the Lepus (1972/88 m/William F. Claxton)
(8:00 PM) (adventure) Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960/80 m/Terence Fisher)
(11:00 PM) (horror) Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966/81 m/Gordon Flemyng)
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
(12:30 AM) (adventure) She (1965/106 m/Robert Day)
(2:30 AM) (crime) Violent Playground (1958/106 m/Basil Dearden)
(4:30 AM) (premiere) In Saigon: Some May Live (1967/89 m/Vernon Sewell)
(6:00 AM) (drama) Devotion (1931/81 m/Robert Milton)
(7:30 AM) (comedy) The Runaway Bus (1954/74 m/Val Guest)
(9:00 AM) (crime) The Solitaire Man (1933/67 m/Jack Conway)
(10:30 AM) (suspense) Blind Adventure (1933/63 m/Ernest B. Schoedsack)
(11:45 AM) (musical) Double Trouble (1967/92 m/Norman Taurog)
(1:30 PM) (romance) A Warm December (1972/101 m/Sidney Poitier)
(3:30 PM) (drama) The V.I.P.S (1963/119 m/Anthony Asquith)
(5:45 PM) (comedy) The Prince and the Showgirl (1957/117 m/Laurence Olivier)
(8:00 PM) (premiere) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 7) (2019/60 m/Mark Cousins)
(11:00 PM) (documentary) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 7) (2019/60 m/Mark Cousins)
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
(2:00 AM) (documentary) The House Is Black (1963/22 m/?)
(2:30 AM) (romance) First Love (1977/91 m/Joan Darling)
(4:15 AM) (drama) The Night Porter (1974/118 m/Liliana Cavani)
(6:30 AM) (drama) Le Bonheur (1965/80 m/Agnes Varda)
(10:15 AM) (silent) The Unholy Three (1925/86 m/Tod Browning)
(12:00 PM) (silent) The Unknown (1927/49 m/Tod Browning)
(1:00 PM) (silent) The Blackbird (1926/86 m/Tod Browning)
(2:30 PM) (horror) The Thirteenth Chair (1929/73 m/Tod Browning)
(4:00 PM) (horror) Freaks (1932/62 m/Tod Browning)
(5:15 PM) (horror) Mark of the Vampire (1935/60 m/Tod Browning)
(6:30 PM) (horror) The Devil-Doll (1936/78 m/Tod Browning)
(8:00 PM) (drama) Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940/110 m/John Cromwell)
(10:00 PM) (drama) Sunrise at Campobello (1960/144 m/Vincent J. Donehue)
Thursday, October 15, 2020
(12:45 AM) (drama) Wilson (1944/154 m/Henry King)
(3:30 AM) (war) PT 109 (1963/140 m/Leslie H. Martinson) .
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Three Men on a Horse (1936/86 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(7:30 AM) (crime) Unholy Partners (1941/94 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(9:15 AM) (musical) Sweet Adeline (1935/88 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(11:00 AM) (comedy) Happiness Ahead (1934/86 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(12:30 PM) (drama) Big City Blues (1932/63 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(1:45 PM) (suspense) The Bad Seed (1956/129 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(4:00 PM) (drama) They Won't Forget (1937/95 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(5:45 PM) (romance) Random Harvest (1942/126 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(8:00 PM) (war) Tunes of Glory (1960/107 m/Ronald Neame)
(10:00 PM) (war) The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943/164 m/Michael Powell)
Friday, October 16, 2020
(1:00 AM) (war) The Seventh Cross (1944/112 m/Fred Zinnemann)
(3:00 AM) (drama) The Diary of Anne Frank (1959/180 m/George Stevens)
(6:15 AM) (documentary) Trances (1981/89 m/Ahmed El Maanouni)
(8:00 AM) (comedy) Little Shop of Horrors (1960/72 m/Roger Corman)
(9:15 AM) (horror) Village of the Damned (1960/77 m/Wolf Rilla)
(10:45 AM) (horror) The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962/82 m/Joseph Green)
(12:15 PM) (horror) Carnival of Souls (1962/78 m/Herk Harvey)
(1:45 PM) (horror) Dementia 13 (1963/75 m/Francis Ford Coppola)
(3:15 PM) (horror) The Raven (1963/86 m/Roger Corman)
(4:45 PM) (horror) Spider Baby (1964/84 m/Jack Hill)
(6:15 PM) (horror) The Nanny (1965/93 m/Seth Holt)
(8:00 PM) (horror) Dead of Night (1945/103 m/Alberto Cavalcanti, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer, Charles Crichton)
(10:00 PM) (horror) Twice-Told Tales (1963/120 m/Sidney Salkow)
Saturday, October 17, 2020
(12:15 AM) (horror) Black Sabbath (1963/96 m/Mario Bava)
(2:00 AM) (premiere) Enter the Ninja (1981/99 m/Menahem Golan)
(3:45 AM) (premiere) Revenge of the Ninja (1983/?/Sam Firstenberg)
(5:30 AM) (short) Shake Hands With Danger (1970/23 m/?)
(6:00 AM) (war) The Password Is Courage (1962/115 m/Andrew L. Stone)
(8:00 AM) MGM CARTOONS: Sheep Wrecked (1958/6 m/Michael Lah)
(8:08 AM) (documentary) Cave Explorers (1957/8 m/Heinz Scheiderbauer)
(8:17 AM) (short) The Capital City Washington, D.C. (1940/9 m/?)
(8:27 AM) (drama) She Loved A Fireman (1937/58 m/John Farrow)
(9:30 AM) (premiere) The WILD WEST DAYS: Indians Are Coming (1937/?/?)
(10:00 AM) (premiere) POPEYE: A Hull of a Mess (1942/6 m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08 AM) (adventure) Lord of the Jungle (1955/69 m/Ford Beebe)
(11:30 AM) (short) Kissing Time (1933/22 m/Roy Mack)
(12:00 PM) (western) Angel And The Badman (1947/100 m/James Edward Grant)
(1:45 PM) (adventure) Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951/117 m/Raoul Walsh)
(4:00 PM) (comedy) Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969/93 m/Burt Kennedy)
(5:45 PM) (horror) Rollerball (1975/125 m/Norman Jewison)
(8:00 PM) (musical) Singin' in the Rain (1952/103 m/Gene Kelly)
(10:00 PM) (musical) Summer Stock (1950/109 m/Charles Walters)
Sunday, October 18, 2020
(12:00 AM) (crime) Destination Murder (1950/73 m/Edward L. Cahn)
(1:45 AM) (comedy) The Fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck (1966/107 m/Roman Polanski)
(3:45 AM) (horror) House of Dark Shadows (1970/97 m/Dan Curtis)
(5:30 AM) (short) Return to Glennascaul (1953/24 m/Hilton Edwards)
(6:00 AM) (drama) The Life of Emile Zola (1937/116 m/William Dieterle)
(8:15 AM) (comedy) His Girl Friday (1940/92 m/Howard Hawks)
(10:00 AM) (crime) Destination Murder (1950/73 m/Edward L. Cahn)
(11:45 AM) (epic) The Good Earth (1937/138 m/Sidney Franklin)
(2:15 PM) (drama) Written on the Wind (1957/99 m/Douglas Sirk)
(4:00 PM) (romance) Dear Heart (1964/114 m/Delbert Mann)
(6:00 PM) (comedy) Peggy Sue Got Married (1986/105 m/Francis Ford Coppola)
(10:00 PM) (comedy) Losing Ground (1982/86 m/Kathleen Collins)
Monday, October 19, 2020
(12:00 AM) (silent) Exit Smiling (1926/77 m/Sam Taylor)
(2:00 AM) (premiere) I Am Waiting (1957/91 m/Koreyoshi Kurahara)
(3:45 AM) (premiere) A Colt Is My Passport (1967/84 m/Takashi Nomura) .
(5:30 AM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #5 (1955/26 m/?)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) I Married a Witch (1942/77 m/René Clair)
(7:30 AM) (comedy) Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941/95 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(9:15 AM) (crime) Touch of Evil (1958/111 m/Orson Welles)
(11:30 AM) (adventure) Mogambo (1953/116 m/John Ford)
(1:45 PM) (suspense) North by Northwest (1959/136 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(4:15 PM) (drama) In A Lonely Place (1950/93 m/Nicholas Ray)
(6:00 PM) (war) Any Number Can Play (1949/103 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(8:00 PM) (suspense) The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959/87 m/Terence Fisher)
(9:30 PM) (horror) Horror of Dracula (1958/81 m/Terence Fisher)
(11:15 PM) (horror) The Mummy (1959/88 m/Terence Fisher)
(1:00 AM) (horror) The Curse of Frankenstein (1957/83 min/Terence Fisher)
(2:45 AM) (horror) Frankenstein Created Woman (1967/92 min/Terence Fisher)
(4:30 AM) (horror) Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed! (1970/101 m/Terence Fisher)
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
(6:15 AM) (comedy) Front Page Woman (1935/82 m/Michael Curtiz)
(7:45 AM) (romance) Wife Vs. Secretary (1936/88 m/Clarence Brown)
(9:30 AM) (suspense) Mr. And Mrs. North (1941/67 m/Robert B. Sinclair)
(10:45 AM) (comedy) Theodora Goes Wild (1936/94 m/Richard Boleslawski)
(12:30 PM) (comedy) Breakfast for Two (1937/68 m/Alfred Santell)
(1:45 PM) (comedy) Four's A Crowd (1938/92 m/Michael Curtiz)
(3:30 PM) (comedy) It's A Wonderful World (1939/86 m/W. S. Van Dyke II)
(5:00 PM) (comedy) Fools For Scandal (1938/80 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(6:30 PM) (romance) Love on the Run (1936/80 m/W. S. Van Dyke)
(8:00 PM) (premiere) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 8) (2019/60 min/Mark Cousins)
(10:45 PM) (documentary) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 8) (2019/60 m/Mark Cousins)
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
(2:00 AM) (premiere) The Third Miracle (1999/119 m/Agnieszka Holland)
(7:45 AM) (short) The Birth, the Life and the Death of Christ (1906/34 m/Alice Guy-Blache)
(8:30 AM) (documentary) Araya (1959/83 m/Margot Benacerraf)
(10:00 AM) (drama) Children of a Lesser God (1986/119 m/Randa Haines)
(12:15 PM) (drama) Young Dr. Kildare (1938/82 m/Harold S. Bucquet)
(1:45 PM) (drama) Calling Dr. Kildare (1939/86 m/Harold S. Bucquet)
(3:30 PM) (drama) The Secret of Dr. Kildare (1939/84 m/Harold S. Bucquet)
(5:00 PM) (drama) Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940/79 m/Harold S. Bucquet)
(6:30 PM) (drama) Dr. Kildare's Crisis (1940/75 m/Harold S. Bucquet)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) Hard To Handle (1933/78 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(9:30 PM) (crime) The Beast of the City (1932/86 m/Charles Brabin)
(11:15 PM) (drama) One Way Passage (1932/67 m/Tay Garnett)
Thursday, October 22, 2020
(12:45 AM) (crime) They Live By Night (1948/95 m/Nicolas Ray)
(2:30 AM) (adventure) The Prisoner of Zenda (1952/100 m/Richard Thorpe)
(4:15 AM) (adventure) Green Fire (1955/100 m/Andrew Marton)
(6:00 AM) (adventure) Three Faces East (1930/71 m/Roy Del Ruth)
(7:30 AM) (drama) Born to Love (1932/81 m/Paul L. Stein)
(9:00 AM) (drama) The Common Law (1932/74 m/Paul L. Stein)
(10:30 AM) (drama) Rockabye (1932/68 m/George Cukor)
(11:45 AM) (drama) Bed of Roses (1933/ 67 /Gregory LaCava)
(1:00 PM) (drama) Our Betters (1933/83 m/George Cukor)
(2:30 PM) (comedy) Topper (1937/97 m/Norman Z. McLeod)
(4:15 PM) (comedy) Topper Takes a Trip (1939/80 m/Norman Z. McLeod)
(5:45 PM) (comedy) Merrily We Live (1938/95 m/Norman Z. McLeod)
(7:30 PM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #5 (1955/26 m/?)
(8:00 PM) (crime) The Killers (1964/93 m/Donald Siegel)
(9:45 PM) (drama) The Breaking Point (1950/97 m/Michael Curtiz)
(11:30 PM) (horror) The Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933/77 m/Michael Curtiz)
Friday, October 23, 2020
(1:00 AM) (horror) Night of the Living Dead (1968/96 m/George A. Romero)
(3:00 AM) (premiere) A River Called Titas (1973/158 m/Ritwik Ghatak)
(6:00 AM) (drama) Inside Straight (1951/87 m/Gerald Mayer)
(7:30 AM) (crime) Absolute Quiet (1936/70 m/George B. Seitz)
(8:45 AM) (drama) Chain Lightning (1950/95 m/Stuart Heisler)
(10:30 AM) (adventure) Tycoon (1947/129 m/Richard Wallace)
(12:45 PM) (drama) No Marriage Ties (1933/72 m/J. Walter Ruben)
(2:00 PM) (drama) Death of a Scoundrel (1956/120 m/Charles Martin)
(4:15 PM) (crime) Assignment To Kill (1968/99 m/Sheldon Reynolds)
(6:00 PM) (suspense) The Drowning Pool (1975/108 m/Stuart Rosenberg)
(8:00 PM) (horror) Pit and the Pendulum (1961/80 m/Roger Corman)
(9:45 PM) (horror) Spirits of the Dead (1968/121 m/Federico Fellini, Louis Malle, Roger Vadim)
Saturday, October 24, 2020
(12:00 AM) (horror) Murders In The Rue Morgue (1971/98 m/Gordon Hessler)
(2:00 AM) (premiere) Ninja III: The Domination (1984/95 m/Sam Firstenberg)
(3:45 AM) (drama) Heavenly Bodies (1985/89 m/Lawrence Dane)
(5:30 AM) (short) Keep Off The Grass (1969/21 m/?)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960/111 m/Charles Walters)
(8:00 AM) (premiere) MGM CARTOONS: One Cab's Family (1938/8 m/Fred (Tex) Avery)
(8:09 AM) (documentary) Black Cats and Broomsticks (1955/8 m/Larry O'Reilly)
(8:18 AM) (short) Wandering Here and There (1944/9 m/James A. FitzPatrick)
(8:28 AM) (romance) King Of The Lumberjacks (1940/59 m/William Clemens)
(9:30 AM) (premiere) THE WILD WEST DAYS: Leap For Life (1937/?/?)
(10:00 AM) (premiere) POPEYE: Cartoons Ain’t Human (1943/7 m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:09 AM) (adventure) Tarzan And The Amazons (1945/76 m/Kurt Neumann)
(11:30 AM) (short) The Flame Song (1934/22 m/Joseph Henabery)
(12:00 PM) (suspense) Harper (1966/121 m/Jack Smight)
(2:15 PM) (horror) Brainstorm (1983/106 m/Douglas Trumbull)
(4:15 PM) (war) Men Of The Fighting Lady (1954/80 m/Andrew Marton)
(5:45 PM) (drama) Citizen Kane (1941/119 m/Orson Welles)
(8:00 PM) (drama) Ace in the Hole (1951/111m/Billy Wilder)
(10:15 PM) (premiere) Flesh and Fury (1952/83 m/Joseph Pevney)
Sunday, October 25, 2020
(12:00 AM) (adventure) Macao (1952/81 m/Josef von Sternberg)
(1:45 AM) (horror) The Werewolf (1956/80 m/Fred F. Sears)
(3:15 AM) (premiere) The Howling (1981/91 m/Joe Dante)
(5:00 AM) (horror) The Mummy (1932/73 m/Karl Freund)
(6:15 AM) (suspense) Murder on the Blackboard (1934/72 m/George Archainbaud)
(7:30 AM) (romance) All This, and Heaven Too (1940/143 m/Anatole Litvak)
(10:00 AM) (adventure) Macao (1952/81 m/Josef von Sternberg)
(12:00 PM) (romance) The White Cliffs Of Dover (1944/126 m/Clarence Brown)
(2:15 PM) (epic) Around the World in 80 Days (1956/182 m/Michael Anderson)
(5:30 PM) (horror) What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962/134 m/Robert Aldrich)
(8:00 PM) (western) 3:10 to Yuma (1957/92 m/Delmer Daves)
(10:00 PM) (western) Gunman's Walk (1958/95 m/Phil Karlson)
Monday, October 26, 2020
(12:00 AM) (silent) Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922/107 m/Benjamin Christensen)
(2:00 AM) (suspense) Diabolique (1955/117 m/Henri-Georges Clouzot)
(4:15 AM) (horror) Eyes Without a Face (1959/90 m/Georges Franju)
(6:00 AM) (suspense) The Beast with Five Fingers (1946/88 m/Robert Florey)
(7:45 AM) (adventure) Mara Maru (1952/98 m/Gordon Douglas)
(9:30 AM) (drama) They Won't Believe Me (1947/80 m/Irving Pichel)
(11:15 AM) (suspense) Where Danger Lives (1950/80 m/John Farrow)
(1:00 PM) (suspense) Fingers at the Window (1942/81 m/Charles Lederer)
(2:30 PM) (suspense) Footsteps in the Dark (1941/96 m/Lloyd Bacon)
(4:15 PM) (suspense) Kill or Cure (1962/88 m/George Pollock)
(6:00 PM) (comedy) The Gazebo (1960/102m/George Marshall)
(8:00 PM) (horror) Nothing But the Night (1972/91 m/Peter Sasdy)
(9:45 PM) (horror) Madhouse (1974/91 m/James Clark)
(11:30 PM) (horror) From Beyond the Grave (1973/98 m/Kevin Connor)
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
(1:30 AM) (horror) Scream and Scream Again (1970/95 m/Gordon Hessler)
(3:15 AM) (premiere) The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973/88 m/Alan Gibson)
(4:45 AM) (horror) Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972/96 m/Alan Gibson)
(6:30 AM) (western) Somewhere In Sonora (1933/58 m/Mack V. Wright)
(7:45 AM) (western) Along the Rio Grande (1941/64 m/Edward Killy)
(9:00 AM) (western) Valley of the Sun (1942/78 m/George Marshall)
(10:30 AM) (western) Sagebrush Trail (1933/53 m/Armand Schaefer)
(11:30 AM) (western) Devil's Canyon (1953/92 m/Alfred Werker)
(1:15 PM) (western) The Hired Gun (1957/64 m/Ray Nazarro)
(2:30 PM) (premiere) Black Patch (1957/82 m/Allen H. Miner)
(4:00 PM) (western) Virginia City (1940/121 m/Michael Curtiz)
(6:15 PM) (western) Escape From Fort Bravo (1953/98 m/John Sturges)
(8:00 PM) (premiere) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 9) (2019/60 m/Mark Cousins)
(11:00 PM) (documentary) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 9) (2019/60 m/Mark Cousins)
Wednesday, October 28, 2020
(12:15 AM) (comedy) Girlfriends (1978/88 m/Claudia Weill)
(2:00 AM) (drama) The Connection (1962/103 m/Shirley Clarke)
(4:00 AM) (comedy) Lost In Yonkers (1993/114 m/Martha Coolidge)
(10:00 AM) (drama) Winter Meeting (1948/104 m/Bretaigne Windust)
(12:00 PM) (romance) I Know Where I'm Going (1945/92 m/Michael Powell)
(1:45 PM) (romance) The Enchanted Cottage (1945/92 m/John Cromwell)
(3:30 PM) (romance) Random Harvest (1942/126 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(6:00 PM) (romance) Desire Me (1947/91 m/George Cukor)
(8:00 PM) (drama) The Best Man (1964/102 m/Franklin J. Schaffner)
(10:00 PM) (drama) State of the Union (1948/123 m/Frank Capra)
Thursday, October 29, 2020
(12:15 AM) (comedy) The Great McGinty (1940/82 m/Preston Sturges)
(2:00 AM) (drama) The Candidate (1972/110 m/Michael Ritchie)
(4:00 AM) (drama) All the King's Men (1949/110 m/Robert Rossen)
(6:00 AM) (western) Haunted Gold (1932/58 m/Mack V. Wright)
(7:00 AM) (horror) The Devil-Doll (1936/78 m/Tod Browning)
(8:30 AM) (suspense) Before Dawn (1933/61 m/Irving Pichel)
(9:45 AM) (comedy) Man Alive (1946/70 m/Ray Enright)
(11:00 AM) (horror) Tormented (1960/75 m/Bert I. Gordon)
(12:30 PM) (adventure) Angel on My Shoulder (1946/101 m/Archie Mayo)
(2:15 PM) (horror) Night Of Dark Shadows (1971/94 m/Dan Curtis)
(4:00 PM) (horror) Indestructible Man (1956/71 m/Jack Pollexfen)
(5:15 PM) (horror) From Hell It Came (1957/71 m/Johnny Greenwald)
(6:30 PM) (horror) Death Curse of Tartu (1966/88 m/William Grefé)
(8:00 PM) (western) Winchester '73 (1950/92 m/Anthony Mann)
(10:00 PM) (western) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949/104 m/John Ford)
Friday, October 30, 2020
(12:00 AM) (documentary) Primary (1960/53 m/Robert Drew)
(1:15 AM) (documentary) Crisis (1963/53 m/Robert Drew)
(2:15 AM) (premiere) Dos Monjes (1934//Juan Bustillo Oro)
(4:00 AM) (drama) Of Mice and Men (1939/107m/Lewis Milestone)
(6:00 AM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #5 (1955/26 m/?)
(6:30 AM) (horror) Doctor X (1932/76 m/Michael Curtiz)
(8:00 AM) (horror) The Mask Of Fu Manchu (1932/68 m/Charles Brabin)
(9:30 AM) (horror) The Most Dangerous Game (1932/63 m/Ernest B. Schoedsack)
(10:45 AM) (horror) Island of Lost Souls (1932/70 m/Erle C. Kenton)
(12:00 PM) (horror) White Zombie (1932/67 m/Victor Halperin)
(1:30 PM) (horror) The Vampire Bat (1933/63 m/Frank Strayer)
(2:45 PM) (horror) The Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933/77 m/Michael Curtiz)
(4:15 PM) (horror) Mad Love (1935/68 m/Karl Freund)
(5:30 PM) (horror) The Walking Dead (1936/65 m/Michael Curtiz)
(6:45 PM) (horror) The Return of Doctor X (1939/62 m/Vincent Sherman)
(8:00 PM) (horror) Burn, Witch, Burn! (1962/89 m/Sidney Hayers)
(9:45 PM) (horror) The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (1959/70 m/Edward L. Cahn)
(11:00 PM) (horror) The Devil's Bride (1968/96 m/Terence Fisher)
Saturday, October 31, 2020
(12:45 AM) (horror) The Conqueror Worm (1968/87 m/Michael Reeves)
(5:15 AM) (short) The Distant Drummer: Flowers of Darkness (1972/22 m/William Templeton)
(5:15 AM) (short) Movie Trailer (1950/16 m/?)
(6:00 AM) (horror) Freaks (1932/62 m/Tod Browning)
(7:15 AM) (horror) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932/96 m/Rouben Mamoulian)
(9:00 AM) (horror) House of Wax (1953/88 m/Andre DeToth)
(10:45 AM) (horror) Children of the Damned (1964/90 m/Anton M. Leader)
(12:30 PM) (suspense) The Bad Seed (1956/129 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(2:45 PM) (drama) The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945/110 m/Albert Lewin)
(4:45 PM) (horror) The Wolf Man (1941/70 m/George Waggner)
(6:00 PM) (horror) The Haunting (1963/112 m/Robert Wise)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964/95 m/Stanley Kubrick) .
(10:00 PM) (horror) Them! (1954/92 m/Gordon Douglas)
(12:00 AM) (horror) The Seventh Victim (1943/71 m/Mark Robson)
(1:30 AM) (horror) I Walked With A Zombie (1943/69 m/Jacques Tourneur)
(3:00 AM) (horror) The Body Snatcher (1945/78 m/Robert Wise)
(4:30 AM) (suspense) The Leopard Man (1943/66 m/Jacques Tourneur)
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2020.09.17 13:57 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 25 Jobs in devops Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Lockheed Martin Software Engineer Senio DevOps / C++ / Orlando, FL, Orlando
FTI Consulting Senior DevOps Engineer Bowie
Rtx Lead DevOps Kubernetes & Service Mesh Engineer Derwood
Ansys DevOps Engineer Lebanon
Pddn inc DevOps Engineer with ServiceNow Young
Workbridge Associates Devops Engineer Irvine
Workbridge Associates Sr. DevOps Engineer Irvine
Xilinx Xilinx: Devops Director - Software Engineering San Jose
Jobspring Partners Senior DevOps Engineer / GCP / Kubernetes / Sunnyvale Sunnyvale
CommScope CommScope: Principal Devops Engineer Sunnyvale
Jobspring Partners Sole DevOps Engineer / AWS / Terraform / Python / Sunnyvale Sunnyvale
Synechron DevOps with Payment Gateway Duval County
SBP Consulting Devops Engineer Moline
Bluehost Bluehost: Devops Manager Of Software Engineering Burlington
FTI Consulting FTI Consulting: Senior Devops Engineer Bowie
Tantus Technologies, Inc Devops Engineer Jackson County
Galaxy i Technologies, Inc. Python DevelopeDevOps Engineer Banks
Rang Technologies Inc. Full-Time Role:- DEVOPS ENGINEER Atlantic City
SilverSearch, Inc. DevOps AWS Cloud Engineer East Hanover
nTech Solutions Middleware / DevOps Engineer (NO C2C) Depew
Calabria Group DevOps Cloud Architect/ DevOps Automation Engineer. Heavy emphasis on Ansible Maryland
Pddn inc AWS Devops Cloud Engineer Soho
Perficient, Inc. Senior DevOps Technical Architect Allentown
Bluehost Bluehost: Aws Devops Principal Engineer Salt Lake City
Arthur Lawrence Senior DevOps Engineer Ford
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.17 12:24 CruzSix [HIRING] 25 Jobs in Jacksonville Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
NewRez NewRez: Loan Closer Jacksonville
Bell Partners Bell Partners: Ft Community Manager Jacksonville
Suddath Companies Warehouse Supervisor Jacksonville
Weatherby Healthcare Weatherby Healthcare: Physician - Locum Tenens Job In Florida For Urgent Care Physician Jacksonville
Soothe Soothe: Licensed Massage Therapist Jacksonville
NewRez NewRez: Mortgage Consultant - Portfolio Retention Jacksonville
Inland Real Estate Group Inland Real Estate Group: Leasing Consultant Jacksonville
Kelly IT Project Planner Jacksonville
ADT ADT: Workforce Coordinator Jacksonville
NewRez NewRez: Loan Officer Jacksonville
Comodo Cybersecurity Recent College Grads looking for a career in Sales! Jacksonville
HNI Healthcare FT Nocturnist St Vincent's Southside Jacksonville
Jacksonville CJDR Automotive Mechanic / General Line Technician Jacksonville
Archway Physician Recruitment Permanent Cardiology Physician in Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville
Staples Retail Sales Associate Jacksonville Beach
Roehl Transport Inc CDL-A Truck Driver - Dedicated - Top Paying Route! Jacksonville Beach
AccentCare, Inc. Registered Nurse Jacksonville Beach
Paper Transport - PTI CDL A Dedicated Local Truck Driver - Spotter! Jacksonville Beach
Bayard Advertising - Programmatic Fulfillment Line Cook - Jacksonville Beach Chili's Jacksonville Beach
Lincare Customer Service Rep Jacksonville Beach
Lawrence Merchandising Part-Time Retail Merchandiser Jacksonville Beach
Liberty Health Sciences Patient Liaison Medical Cannabis - Jacksonville Beach Jacksonville Beach
JUSDA, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group Parcel, Logistics and Fulfillment Sales Representative Jacksonville Beach
Bloomin' Brands, Inc. Delivery Driver Jacksonville Beach
The Home Depot The Home Depot: Customer Service/Sales Jacksonville Beach
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in jacksonville. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.14 09:25 Fflewddur_Fflam_ Parallel world fantasy like Chrono Cross, but taken further (3+ parallel worlds instead of only 2).

Imagine a whole series where there are 3 parallel worlds, and each of the first 3 books focuses solely on one world each. Only in book 4 is there a "Chrono Cross", a portal between the 4 realities, where the surviving characters, or at least a surviving version of them, meet up, becoming friends, enemies, lovers and everything in between. Only then is there an Avengers Assemble moment... though it is complicated by dozens of factors, like a version of one character being dead, villainous, or somebody else's lover or friend in another reality.
Also, each reality could have a different "vibe": book 1 can be a Middle-Earth type world where good usually defeats evil, full of heroic paladins and wise kings. Book 2's world could be a Joe Abercrombie or Mark Lawrence type world full of darkness, fear, and only the most ruthless killer can "save" the world only to become its authoritarian dictator afterwards. Book 3 can be a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world inspired by Mad Max and Fallout, and the twist is that the version of Book 1's heroes caused the apocalypse as a desperate last measure against the greater evil.
The Dark Lord from Book 1's world's Book 3's world's version (whew) is the lone hero who tried to prevent everything from going to shit in world 3, fails, and his goal from Book 4 onwards is to save Worlds 1 and 2 to redeem himself for failing. He finds, much to his horror, that he was basically Sauron in World 1 and Joseph Stalin in World 2 (mind you, the only other world leaders in World 2 were basically Hitler, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Un), that he was defeated and killed in both, and that teaming up with the surviving heroes of these alternate realities would be difficult because they hated him and killed him already. TWICE.
Example: Book one has a 5 member hero team, the protagonist's best friend who gets murdered early on, a main villain dark lord, and the dark lord's second in command. There's also a dead guy who gets mentioned in Book 1 offhandedly a few times but is alive and well in Book 2's world and is a major character there.
In book 1's world ("World 1", the World of Heroes and Saints):
Agro- Agro is the farmboy who kills the dark lord Sarkin, avenges his best friend Kent and becomes the Hero-King.
Ser Kent- Agro's childhood friend who became a renowned knight and master swordsman, but is killed by Dark Lord Sarkin halfway through book 1. Agro vows to avenge Kent.
Ser Antia- A female knight and Kent's lover before his death. She joins Agro's fellowship to bring Sarkin to justice. Along the way Agro earns her respect, and eventually even love. At the end of book 1 she marries Agro and becomes the Hero Queen.
Everen- The priestess who can summon divine healing powers and demonic hellfire, though as a good person, she prefers the former. She aids Agro in his quest and heals him and his party of many nasty wounds. She dies in the final battle and is mouned by all. She is remembered as Saint Everen the Lightbringer.
Lord Revvyn- A roguish and brilliant nobleman, master of coin and cunning, who spends his days as a grandmaster of court intrigue during the day and as a thrill-seeking thief at knight. Lousy with a sword but can plant a dagger into a man's throat in the blink of an eye. He's more than happy to support Dark Lord Sarkin's regime, until one day Sarkin betrays him, murders his family and demolishes his estate. He joins Agro's crew. He survives Book 1 and becomes King Agro's royal advisor.
Jozel- A fat, middle-aged merchant with street smarts and a secret heart of gold. In despair of seeing the Dark Lord Sarkin ruin the country, he contributes his skills as a merchant and his limited archery abilities to Agro's cause. He survives the final battle, founds a new Merchant's Guild and rebuilds the world's ruined economy coin by coin.
Ser Dimian- Once a childhood friend to Ser Kent and Agro, Dimian betrays his kingdom and forsakes all honor to join Dark Lord Sarkin, becoming his top general and right hand man. The real shitty thing about Dimian is that he was Ser Antia's first love. Dimian was the one who leads the slaughter of Revvyn's family and arranges the ambush that kills Kent. After a climactic battle, Antia's army versus his, Antia kills him in a duel. After his death, "Dimian" becomes a slur meaning coward and traitor.
Dark Lord Sarkin- Your standard issue fantasy dark lord who sold his soul to the devil for power, and now wants to sell everyone else's soul for even more. Naturally, he dies, and the people rejoice. It would be a damn shame if a good version of Sarkin somehow existed in an alternate world and found his way to this one. Why, what danger he'd face...
In Books 2's world ("World 2", The Grimdark World)
The world is divided up into 3 or four major countries, all of which are a different flavor of authoritarian dictatorship.
In this world, Sarkin is once again a powerful ruler, but a political dictator instead of a demonic Dark Lord. His son is Agro (he married the woman who was his mom in Book 10), who he raises to become more brutal and ruthless than he is. When Kent and Dimian build a rebel army strong enough to defeat Sarkin's forces, Agro demands to his father to fight them. Sarkin refuses, so Agro sets him up for assassination by Dimian. Dimian coldly butchers Sarkin as he begs for mercy. Agro takes his father's place as dictator and declares war on Dimian. Agro mobilizes his army, but not before purging his entire country of slaves. This pisses off the slaveowners, which leads them to aid Dimian's slave army and they help try to overthrow Agro.
Everen the Hell Priestess is the insane ruler of a nearby country and is amassing an army of demons to conquer and rape the world; she is threat #1 this time. Kent is Everen's ruthless Holy Inquisitor who discovers Everen's demonic plan and decides she has gone too far. Kent betrays Everen and travels to the other fascist nations to try to warn them of the impending demonic invasion. Only outlaws, rebels and escaped slaves are prepared to believe him, and they'll want something in return for their help.
Revvyn rules his own country where he has successfully purged all "undesirables" in a genocidal campaign. Although he is despised, he has proven impossible to assassinate and looks to purge Agro and Everen's countries in a similar fashion. Leading an underground resistance against him is Antia, sort of a Che Guevara revolutionary figure. Antia, in truth, isn't that much better than Revvyn, and is in fact a narcissistic sociopath whose only disagreement with Revvyn is that his genocide has murdered people who would've made fine slaves (though she hides this side of her from Dimian, Champion of Slaves). She and her resistance team up with Dimian and Kent to smash the existing power structures.
Jozel is a slave trader and gladiator trainer; he is killed in the opening chapters in a slave revolt led by his champion gladiator, Dimian. Dimian leads his fellow freed slaves to a guerilla war where they will either earn their freedom or die for it. He's the only one who believes Kent, and together Dimian and Kent build an army to attack Everen, but not before taking on Agro and Revvyn with the help of the sketchy revolutionary leader Antia.
In the end of Book 2, Everen's plans are halted, though she escapes, and Kent assumes power over Everen's nation, naming himself Holy Emperor. The rebel army defeats Revvyn who turns out to be an ancient vampire lord. He bites Antia before Kent slays him, and Antia becomes a vampire, and begins to share Revvyn's obsession with genocidal "purity". Finally, the rebels march on to Agro for a final battle against him, but this battle ends in a bloody stalemate, and Agro maintains his fascist power. Can't win em all. The rebels celebrate victories over Revvyn and Everen. The celebration is interrupted by screams and blood...
Kent and Antia have mutally agreed to betray Dimian, re-enslave his army and then wage war against each other; Antia wants to ethically cleanse Kent's people, while Kent wants to force his religion and theocracy on Antia's people at swordpoint. After a Red Wedding-like betrayal, Dimian is captured alive, his generals are murdered and the rest of his army is re-enslaved. Kent and Antia execute Dimian via crucifixion, then set their sights on fighting each other and Agro. Everen, in hiding, slips further into madness, believing herself to be the Lord of the Underworld's Queen. Dimian is revered by the world's slaves and underclasses as a Christ figure, inspiring a new religion to rise up, worship him, and rebel against the Three Dictators.
In Book 3's world (World 3 "Post-Apocalyptic")
The Lord of Hell succeeded in unleashing his demonic invasion upon this world, and a Council of Heroes was mostly able to stop it, at an extreme price. This world is in ruins and in the process of rebuilding. It was Everen who stopped the demonic portal from fully opening, but at the cost of her powers and nearly her life. She demolished most of the known world doing it. She is either worshipped as a saint by the survivors (as in World 1) or hated as a mad devil (like her World 2 counterpart), with very few opinions in between. Now people have to live in a barren, survivalist world and rebuild civilization from scratch. Also, they failed to keep ALL the demons from entering, so some particularly powerful demon lords roam this world slaughtering survivors. This world was much more technologically advanced than the other two, with assault rifles a common weapon and plasma weapon prototypes in development. However, thanks to the apocalypse, good quality tech became scarce.
Agro is already dead at the beginning of book 3. He was a Marine Captain who believed in Everen's plan and served as her bodyguard as she pulled it off 10 years prior. He was known as the best of the best of the best, and was worshipped as a celebrity soldier who saved his country dozens of times singlehandedly. Unfortunately, he was killed in a fight against Dr. Sarkin when Sarkin tried to kill Everen to stop her plan.
Dr. Sarkin was convinced that he knew of a better way to stop the demons, one that did not require Everen destroying most of the world. He tried to convince Everen to let him try his plan, but Everen, fearing there was not enough time, refused and blew the world to hell to seal the portal. Sarkin killed Agro but was heavily wounded in the fight. He tried to assassinate Everen but failed. Both Everen and Sarkin survived the blast, and Everen sympathetically healed Sarkin's wounds using the last of her power, then she wandered alone into the wasteland she created. Sarkin became obsessed with finding a way to undo the horror that was done, to somehow set things right. He'd get his chance someday... though not in his home world.
Dimian is a good-hearted bounty hunter who is betrayed by the big time raider gangster Jozel, and the only way to get free of him is to pit rival raider boss Revvyn against him. Dimian has a Yojimbo-like plan to wipe out both gangs, but he and Revvyn take a liking to each other, and become partners after the formers' gang gets annihilated by Jozel. Eventually they run across Dr. Sarkin who serves as their team medic, and they listen to his dreams of preventing the apocalypse. Dimian reveals to Sarkin that he was a Marine Lieutenant serving under Captain Agro, but deserted rather than follow the order to help Everen wipe out civilization.
Dimian, Revvyn and Sarkin are eventually chased by Jozel's raiders to a frontier town run by Mayor Antia, the baddest sharpshooter in the wastes and civilization's best hope for strong leadership. Antia teams up with the guys and together they fight a final showdown against Jozel's raiders. The good guys nearly win, and Jozel retreats...
...but his retreat is cut off by a new faction that has arrived on the battlefield, men who resemble Marines in tanks and jeeps, armed with plasma weapons and high tech. Jozel falls to his knees and pleads for mercy. The Marines' commanding officer pulls out a high tech pistol which instanly reduces Jozel to a pile of ashes. Dimian and Sarkin immediately recognize the bastard CO, and he, Commander Kent, recognizes them. Commander Kent condemns Dimian for desertion, Sarkin for treason, Revvyn for being a raider, and Antia for resisting his dictatorship. Kent orders his Marines to attack and massacre Antia's town. Antia orders her people to retreat, but only a few townsfolk survive as the town is burned to the ground. The party flees to the mountains where Sarkin recalls his colleague's hidden lab nearby. The party makes for the lab, but are hunted by Kent. Kent also reveals his secret weapon: a perfect clone of Captain Agro, which took a decade to create. The cloning facilities were destroyed in the apocalypse, but Agro's clone made it out safely. The Agro clone believes Kent is a good guy and follows his orders without question.
The party holes up in the lab with the fascist Marines not far behind. Sarkin fiddles with the machinery while the others fortify the lab and prepare for a last stand. Dreaming that he could undo what had been done, Sarkin fiddles with the machinery his friend created and applies the concepts he planned to use to stop the demonic portal to the machines.
As Kent closes in for the kill, Sarkin activates the machines and opens a portal to what looks like the past. He hurries everyone inside the portal as the Marines shoot their way through, grabbing supplies necessary to create other portals should he need them. He closes the portal behind him just as Kent and the Agro clone arrive. Sarkin thinks the portal has taken them to the past, and that he now has a chance to prevent the apocalypse. He's actually in the present, in World 1.
Dr. Sarkin, Dimian the gunslinging bounty hunter, former Mayor Antia and former raider Revvyn see Paladins riding up the hill towards them. The Paladin captain shouts "Halt in the name of King Agro!", but upon seeing Sarkin and Dimian, he is shocked, draws his sword, and shouts "The Dark Lord and the Traitor are somehow alive!! KILL THEM!" and orders a charge. Antia tries to stop them by running in front of them. The Paladins recognize her face. "HALT!!" cries the captain. He in the other Paladins dismount and approach Antia. Antia and the Captain are equally perplexed at each other. Finally, the Captain and his Paladins all kneel before her. "My Queen". To be continued...

In book 4 onward, Dr. Sarkin creates portals connecting Worlds 1, 2, and 3 together hoping to prevent any more apocalypses and demonic invasions. Friends from one world are foes of another, they meet, and shit gets real. Is World 1 truly safe from evil? Can World 2 be saved from its global tyranny? Can World 3 be rebuilt? How will book 3's technology alter the other worlds? How will the peace of World 1 and the tyranny of World 2 influence each other? Only the survivors of each world, travelling between worlds and either battling or helping each other, can determine the fate of the three realities. And as everyone will discover, the only person who can defeat the great Agro... is another Agro.
Something like that :)
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2020.09.14 08:23 Grand_Duty [CMV] People don't change! The only difference between the 18 year old version of people and the 25 and 30 year old version of people is that their parents aren't subsidizing their lifestyle anymore.

Based on the work of Mary Ainsworth and John Bowlby, the theory posits that we each have certain attachment styles (the ways in which we relate to others), which develop in childhood and are carried with us into our adult relationships — especially our romantic relationships:
"The primary purpose of the attachment behavioral system is to increase the likelihood that vulnerable individuals survive the perils of childhood. The attachment system was crafted by natural selection to activate when an individual experiences… distress. From an evolutionary standpoint, the system is designed to promote survival by maintaining proximity between [caregivers and children]. From a psychological standpoint, proximity reduces fear, anxiety, and related forms of distress, allowing individuals to engage in other life tasks."
You can think of the attachment system like an autopilot for humans. When it works properly, we can relax and enjoy the ride, knowing we are in good hands should something go wrong. However, when the system fails and we are left to our own devices, the fight-or-flight response kicks in, and we become hypervigilant and anxious, for at any given moment the plane can come crashing down.
When infants are in distress, their natural instinct is to cry out with the hope of receiving comfort from their caregivers. The degree to which those needs are met will shape the style of attachment developed, which then becomes the template onto which we project our future interpersonal attachments. This template consists of two models:
1. A model of significant others: Our caregivers’ responsiveness to our needs in childhood establishes our expectations for significant others in adulthood, and shapes how we relate to the interpersonal world, especially in stressful or threatening situations.
2. A model of the self: As we develop, we keep a record of our success at obtaining sufficient comfort from attachment figures (parents, close friends, romantic partners), which shapes our belief system about the self in relation to others and, ultimately, our belief in our worth as a relationship partner.
Styles of attachment
The trust fall is a common icebreaker, often used in psychotherapy groups and training workshops to promote bonding among members. In this exercise, each of the participants is asked to stand with their eyes closed and allow themselves to fall backward, trusting that the other members will be there to catch them before they hit the ground. If all goes well, fear diminishes with each fall, and eventually, confidence in the other group members will grow.
Ainsworth, M. D. S. (1978). Patterns of attachment: A psychological study of the strange situation. Hillsdale, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Bowlby, J. (1988). A secure base: parent-child attachment and healthy human development. New York: Basic Books.
Bretherton, I. (1992). The Origins of Attachment Theory: John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. Developmental Psychology 28(5):759-775
One of the best books I have read on the study of human behavior, and specifically on the question of whether or not humans can Change, is a book titled Change or Die, The Three Keys to Change at work and in Life.
In the book, the authors look at research conducted by doctors on people who were diagnosed with severe heart issues. Some of the participants in the study even have had open heart surgery to other heart related surgeries. The question was simple. When faced with death, would the patients change their behaviors to prevent future heart related issues.
What do you think they found? Did people change their behaviors?
The study concluded that after one year after the diagnosis, or the surgery, that well over 50% of the patients had stopped taking the medication they were supposed to be taking. At after two years, well over 90% were back to the same behaviors and lifestyles they had before the surgery or diagnosis.
Dr. Linda
But you can’t just snap your fingers and say goodbye to well-established patterns, even when those patterns result in bad consequences. Sure, you wish it could be easier. You may be impatient with yourself, giving yourself a good scold: “Just stop it already!” Oh, how I hate the word “just” when it pertains to change. We don’t change “just” because someone (even ourselves) wants us to.
Which makes it hard. Since thoughts leads to words leads to behaviors which leads to actions that show character.
The Consequences of Single Motherhood Children of single-parent families suffer measurable harm. But the problems of the family are far more complex than the popular debate often suggests.
In 1992, when Dan Quayle condemned the television character Murphy Brown for giving birth out of wedlock, he reopened an old debate that quickly became highly polarized. Some people claimed that growing up in a fatherless home was the major cause of child poverty, delinquency, and school failure, while others denied that single motherhood had any harmful effects. And some objected even to discussing the topic for fear of stigmatizing single mothers and their children.
Not talking about single motherhood is scarcely an option. More than half of the children born in 1994 will spend some or all of their childhood with only one parent, typically their mother. If current patterns hold, they will likely experience higher rates of poverty, school failure, and other problems as they grow up. The long-range consequences could have enormous implications.
2015 and up!
In fact, 57% of millennial moms are unmarried moms, according to Johns Hopkins researchers. The reasons for these quickly changing statistics include high — but declining — divorce rates, but more significantly, a drop in marriage rates overall among young people in the United States, and an overall acceptance for having children outside of a “traditional” heterosexual, first marriage.
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2020.09.14 01:06 removalbot 09-13 23:06 - 'Credit to u/victorvictor1 for this / Yup. Trump was over a billion in debt and the Russians [bailed him out]. / ► Trump was first compromised by the Russians in the 80s. In 1984, the Russian Mafia began to use Trump [real e...' by /u/urielteranas removed from /r/politics within 0-5min

Credit to u/victorvictor1 for this
Yup. Trump was over a billion in debt and the Russians [bailed him out]1 .
► Trump was first compromised by the Russians in the 80s. In 1984, the Russian Mafia began to use Trump [real estate to launder money]2 . In 1987, the Soviet ambassador to the United Nations, Yuri Dubinin, arranged for Trump and his then-wife, Ivana, to enjoy an all-expense-paid trip to Moscow to consider business prospects. Seven weeks after his trip, Trump ran full-page ads in the Boston Globe, the NYT and WaPO calling for the dismantling of the postwar Western foreign policy alliance. The whole Trump/Russian connection started out as laundering money for the Russian mob, then evolved into something far bigger.
► In 1984, David Bogatin — a convicted Russian mobster and close ally of Semion Mogilevich, a major Russian mob boss — met with Trump in Trump Tower right after it opened. Bogatin bought five condos from Trump at that meeting. Those condos were later seized by the government, which claimed they were used to launder money for the Russian mob. (NY Times, [Apr 30, 1992]3 )
► Felix Sater is a Russian-born former mobster, and former managing director of NY real estate conglomerate Bayrock Group LLC located on the 24th floor of Trump Tower. He is a convict who became a govt cooperator for the FBI and other agencies. He grew up with Michael Cohen--Trump's former "fixer" attorney. Cohen's family owned El Caribe, which was a mob hangout for the Russian Mafia in Brooklyn. Cohen had ties to Ukrainian oligarchs through his in-laws and his brother's in-laws. Felix Sater's father had ties to the Russian mob. This goes back more than 30 years.
► Trump was $4 billion in debt after his Atlantic City casinos went bankrupt. No U.S. bank would touch him. Then foreign money began flowing in through Bayrock (mentioned above). Bayrock was run by two investors: Tevfik Arif, a Kazakhstan-born former Soviet official who drew on bottomless sources of money from the former Soviet republic; and Felix Sater, a Russian-born businessman who had pleaded guilty in the 1990s to a huge stock-fraud scheme involving the Russian mafia. Bayrock partnered with Trump in 2005 and poured money into the Trump organization under the legal guise of licensing his name and property management.
► In July 2008, the height of the housing bust, Trump sold a mansion in Palm Beach for $95 million to Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian oligarch. Trump had purchased it four years earlier for $41.35 million. The sale price was nearly $54 million more than Trump had paid for the property. Again, this was the height of the recession when all other property had plummeted in value.
► Semion Mogilevich was the brains behind the Russian Mafia. Mogilevich operatives have been using Trump real estate for decades to launder money. That means Russian Mafia operatives have been part of his fortune for years. Many of them owned condos in Trump Towers and other properties. They were running operations out of Trump's crown jewel.
► From Craig Unger's AMA: "Early on, a source told me that all this was tied to Semion Mogilevich, the powerful Russian mobster. I had never even heard of him, but I immediately went to a database that listed the owners of all properties in NY state and looked up all the Trump properties. Every time I found a Russian sounding name, I would Google, and add Mogilevich. When you do investigative reporting, you anticipate drilling a number of dry holes, but almost everyone I googled turned out to be a Russian mobster. Again and again. If you know New York you don't expect Trump Tower to be a high crime neighborhood, but there were far too many Russian mobsters in Trump properties for it to be a coincidence."
► So many Russians bought Trump apartments at his developments in Florida that the area became known as Little Moscow. The developers of two of his hotels were Russians with significant links to the Russian mob. The late leader of that mob in the United States, Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov, was [living at Trump Tower]4 .
► According to a Bloomberg investigation (3/16/2017) into Trump World Tower, “a third of units sold on floors 76 through 83 by 2004 involved people or limited liability companies connected to Russia and neighboring states.”
► In 2013, Federal agents busted an “ultraexclusive, high-stakes, illegal poker ring” run by Russian gangsters out of Trump Tower. They operated card games, illegal gambling websites, and a global sports book and laundered more than $100 million. A condo directly below one owned by Trump reportedly served as HQ for a “sophisticated money-laundering scheme” connected to Semion Mogilevich.
► The Russia Mafia is part and parcel of Russian intelligence. Russia is a mafia state. that is not a metaphor. Putin is head of the Mafia. So the fact that they have been operating out of the home of the president of the United States is deeply disturbing.
► Rudy Giuliani famously prosecuted the Italian mob while he was a federal prosecutor, yet the Russian mob was allowed to thrive. Now he's deeply entwined in the business of Trump and Russian oligarchs. Giuiani appointed Semyon Kislin to the NYC Economic Development Council in 1990, and the FBI described Kislin as having ties tot he Russian mob. Of course, it made good political sense for Giuliani to get headlines for smashing the Italian mob.
► A lot of Republicans in Washington are implicated. Boatloads of Russian money went to the GOP--often in legal ways. The NRA got as much as $70M from Russia, then funneled it to the GOP. The Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee lead by McConnell got millions from Leonard Blavatnik. In the 90s, the Russians began sending money to top GOP leaders, like Speaker of the House Tom Delay. Unger's book alleges that most of the GOP leadership has been compromised by RU money.
► At the Cityscape USA’s Bridging US and the Emerging Real Estate Markets Conference held in Manhattan, on September 9, 10, and 11, 2008, Trump Jr. was frank about the tide of Russian money supporting the family business, saying "...And in terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets."
► Eric Trump told golf reporter James Dodson in 2014 that the Trump Organization was able to expand during the financial crisis because “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”
► Russian oligarchs [co-signed]5 Trump's Deutsche Bank loans
Trump now gleefully takes cues from Putin:
► At the end of 2018, Putin and his allies made a strong push for a resolution that would justify their country’s 1979 invasion of Afghanistan and reverse an 1989 vote backed by Mikhail Gorbachev that condemned it. There is no one on this side of the Atlantic who thinks the USSR was justified in invading Afghanistan. Out of nowhere, on January 2nd, Trump came out strongly supporting Russia's invasion of Afghanistan.
► Trump went against American intelligence on North Korean missiles. He told the FBI he didn't believe their intelligence because Putin told him otherwise. "I don't care, I believe Putin"
► Trump met in secret with Putin the G20 summit in November 2018, without note takers. 19 days later, he announced a withdrawal from Syria. Trump conducted FIVE completely private meetings and conferences with Putin, and has gone to great lengths to prevent literally anyone, even people in his administration, from learning what was discussed.
► Withdrew troops from Syria on Putin's birthday, and [gave the US military base to the Russians]6
► Refused to enforce sanctions legally codified into law - and in some cases reversed standing sanctions on Russian companies.
► He has denounced his own intelligence agencies in a press conference with Putin on election meddling - and publicly endorsed Putin's version of events.
► Trump pulled out of the INF treaty with no explanation, which allows Putin to create long-range hypersonic missiles that threaten Europe with impunity. The US already has all the weaponry that the INF would ban the development of, so this offers us literally nothing, while allowing Russia to develop powerful new weapons to challenge our allies.
► Demanded Russia get invited back into G7
► Pushed the CIA to [give American intelligence to the Kremlin]7
► Withdrew from the Open Skies treaty
► Received intelligence in 2019 that Russia was paying bounties for dead American soldiers and hasn't done anything about it by the time of this writing.
► Announced troop withdrawal from Germany (America's missile defense from Russia and forward operating base against Russian aggression)
► Trump continues to threaten to pull out of NATO, a move so catastrophically stupid, so inconceivably cosmically myopic, I truly can't express the profundity of the idiocy. Pulling out of NATO would be like the only guy in a prison yard with a shotgun just throwing it over the fence for absolutely no reason, giving the people with crude homemade shivs complete power.
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1: *oreignp*l***.co*/2018/12/2*/how-r*s*ian-mo*ey-help*d*s*ve**r*m*s-bus*n*ss/ 2: www.washi**tonpost**om/outloo*/is-t**re-*-case-fo***rum*-putin*co**a*ora*i*n*y**r*-*efor*-the*campaign/2*18/08/1*/*0578*1e-9*40-11*8-8**1-***80*1fdf4*_stor*.h*ml 3: w**.nytime*.**m/***2*0*/30/*yr*gi*n/entrep*eneu*-wh**left-us-*s*back-awaiting-sentenc*.*t** 4: n*wrep**li*.**m*art*cle/*4358*/trum*s-rus*ian-l*undromat-tru*p****er-l**u*y-hig*-*i**s-dirty-m*ney-in*ern**io*al-crime-sy*dic*te 5: www.washi**t**ex*miner*com*news/lawrence*od*nn**l*s*urce*says-russ*an****garchs-co-*ign*d-t*um*s-*euts*he-b*nk-*oa** 6: w**.reu*e*s.*om/a*ti*le/u*-*yria*security**ussia/russia-lands-forces**t-*ormer*u**-a*r*b*s***n-nor*h*rn-*yria*idUSK*N1*P*XN 7: www.ju*tse*u*it*.*rg*71279**rum*-push*d-c*a-to-give-intel**g*n**-*o-*remlin-while-takin*-******ion-a*ain*t-*ussi*-arming*ta*iba*/
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2020.09.11 22:08 F1-Editorial 2020 Tuscan GP Free Practice 1 and 2 Debrief - r/Formula1 Editorial Team

2020 Tuscan GP Free Practice 1 and 2 Debrief

Words by UnmeshDatta26, showstopperNL, and Death_Pig
Discussion Threads:

The Worst Kept Secret Of The Year Is Confirmed

Vettel to Aston Martin, Perez goes where?

Since Ferrari announced that they would be signing Carlos Sainz for the 2021 season to partner with Charles Leclerc, the future of Sebastian Vettel has been in limbo, with murmurs that he was even considering retirement. The biggest rumor all season was that he would join soon-to-be-renamed Racing Point, spearheading the Aston Martin rebrand.
The rumors are now confirmed. Following Sergio Perez announcement that he would leave the team after 7 years of service, Vettel is now officially signed with Racing Point/Aston Martin and while the contract’s length has not yet confirmed, reports indicated that he will take a pay cut, supposedly earning a third his current salary at Ferrari. According to Otmar Szafnauer, Racing Point’s CEO and Team Principal, it certainly seems that Vettel will be given a steady hand and a steady team for him to settle in and fight.
We would be remiss if we did not mention Sergio Perez’ contributions to Racing Point’s current standing. When the Force India team was in danger of collapsing, Perez’s actions bought it enough time to finalise a sale to the group headed by Lawrence Stroll, saving the team (along with many jobs). The outpouring of support and gratitude for his efforts by team personnel are certainly enhanced by the knowledge that the team would likely not be in Formula 1 without Perez.
Although many people say there is no place for sentimentality in the cut-throat business of F1, the humane connections formed while battling the other drivers and teams run deep and it is clear that Sergio Perez was a beloved part of the team and will be missed by many.

Change of Scenery at Williams

After Claire and Sir Frank left Williams last weekend in an emotional goodbye from the paddock at Monza and CEO Mike O’Driscoll announced he would be leaving the team, the questions started swirling around for who would come in to replace them.
For now, Simon Roberts has been promoted to Acting Team Principal and will lead Williams until the new owners can decide on the changes they want to implement. Roberts began his career in F1 in 2003, joining McLaren to be their Operations Director and General Manager, later moving to Force India in 2009 as their COO before a return to McLaren in 2010 as an Operations Director and a part of the Executive Team. He would become McLaren’s COO in 2017, a post he occupied until May, when he became Williams’ Managing Director.
We all hope he can steer the team through this difficult period towards a brighter future.

Quick bits

  • Ferrari celebrates their 1000th GP in F1 with a new special burgundy livery, the same color as their first-ever car that raced in Monaco in 1950. Their driver suits have also changed to the same color with a large 1000 logo on it, also present on the cars engine covers. Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc are racing with special helmets to honor the occasion.
  • Haas and Racing Point have settled a two-year dispute over payment of F1’s prize money. Haas had originally argued that Stroll’s Racing Point should not receive their Column 1 prize money for two years, as they were a new entry, as Haas did when it entered the sport in 2016. As this was not the case, Racing Point receiving Column 1 prize money normally, Haas brought a case against it, saying that either Racing Point should not have been paid or Haas should have received the same payments for their first 2 years.
Haas had launched the protest against Racing Point at the end of the 2018 season in Abu Dhabi. Today, it was announced that the two teams had reached a settlement, details still very hard to come by.
In a press conference by Szafnauer and Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner, Szafnauer said: “We’re pleased that it’s come to a conclusion and now the entire team can focus on what we’re here to do and entertain the fans, we’re happy it’s behind us”, which close the matter without providing any details.

Track and Tech Talk

Mugello is the first of several new tracks for Formula 1 in 2020, and this weekend will be the first time a Grand Prix will be held at the track, but not the first time Formula 1 cars have gone around it.
The track record was set by Rubens Barrichello in the F2004 and half the current drivers have taken part in races at Mugello (a list of which will appear as a comment to this Debrief), with 6 current drivers having also taken part in the 2012 Pirelli test at the track.
Set in the Tuscan Mountains, the surrounding area has some similarities to the Red Bull Ring, with Mugello being a very fast track, featuring blind corners due to the terrain’s undulation, with Turns 8 and 9 (Arrabbiata 1 and 2) probably being the most impressive part for Formula 1 cars, as they are expected to take the double right-hander flat out, subjecting the drivers to massive G forces.
According to Mercedes’ fact sheet, 66% of the lap time is spent at full throttle, and the lowest speed corners are somewhere near 120 kph, much faster than most other circuits on the calendar. The drivers can expect to take anywhere between 4 and 5 Gs of force at Turn 9. Valtteri Bottas was quoted after FP2 saying “this track is definitely one of the most physically demanding. We’ll only properly get to see the effects of that in the race distance, but even today, I could feel it and it’s going to be tough for everyone on Sunday”.
There is only one DRS zone on the start-finish straight, with the detection point being just before the final turn, with only 5 braking events in the whole circuit, despite there being 15 turns, 6 to the left and 9 to the right. This track is a true test of the power and grip of the modern era cars, with drivers expected to take some corners flat out, notably the aforementioned Arrabbiata corners.
Pirelli has brought the three hardest compounds (C1, C2, and C3) for this weekend. The asphalt at Mugello is famously abrasive, so Pirelli expects high degradation from the asphalt and from the loads the high-speed corners will impose on the tires. As the cars will run high downforce packages, the loads will increase, and we can expect a powerful DRS in the start/finish straight.
And for the first time this season, there will be fans in the grandstands, as Mugello will allow close to 3.000 fans to watch the race live, bringing a small dose of normalcy to a very strange 2020.

Free Practice 1

After weeks of anticipation, it was finally time for the cars to hit the track at Mugello. All teams went out to do their installation laps right away, using tires they would return to Pirelli midway through the session for analysis. Lando Norris tested his radio in the most Lando Norris way possible by singing. Happy Friday everyone!
A cautious session ensued, with Mercedes coming out on top, Bottas topping the first-ever official Formula 1 session at Mugello, Barrichello’s track record duly broken. The Finn was closely followed by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, the Red Bull looking good this weekend, in contrast to their tough weekend at Monza. The nature of Mugello with fast sweeping corners should favor Red Bull’s aerodynamic dominant design, and we expect the team to take the fight to Mercedes.
A fairly big surprise on the FP1 time sheet is Charles Leclerc closing the session in P3. Time will tell if this was a single lap glory run, or a glimpse of actual pace this weekend, but things can only improve from last weekend.
As usual, 6-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was not far from the top, even if he “only” managed to clock the 4th fastest time, some 0.5 seconds back from his Mercedes teammate.
Last week’s winner Pierre Gasly impressed again, finishing 5th. Just like big brother Red Bull, AlphaTauri looked good around Mugello in FP1, with Gasly’s teammate Daniil Kvyat setting the 7th best time.
After a torrid weekend in Monza, as can be read in u/Death_Pig’s A Weekend Chez Renault piece, Esteban Ocon will be looking to bounce back at Mugello. The weekend certainly got off to a good start as he was 6th fastest in FP1, 0.3s quicker than his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who finished in 10th.
Sandwiched by the Renaults were McLaren’s Norris in 8th and Red Bull’s Alexander Albon. While completing the most laps in the session (34), the second Red Bull had a slow start to the weekend, ending FP1 a full second behind Verstappen.
Further down the leaderboard, the biggest surprise is Racing Point down in 18th and 19th. The two pink cars appeared out of sync with the rest of the teams in doing race simulations, even causing some slight frustration between Stroll and Verstappen.
Other than Carlos Sainz being down in P15 for McLaren, the back of the grid had the usual suspects, with Giovinazzi P14, Russell P16, Magnussen P17, and Latifi P20.
The only incident of note in the morning session was Nicholas Latifi spinning into the gravel trap, but able to get going again.
FP1 did not answer many questions, but highlighted that the tires will be a big topic this weekend. The track does indeed punish the rubber quite severely and the teams will have their work cut out for them making them last.
With the teams having only three practice sessions to acquire all their tire usage data, this could throw a wrench in whatever plans the teams have made so far.

Free Practice 2

A fairly standard FP1 was followed up by an incident packed FP2, with Albon starting the session going back to the future.
The first to kick the excitement off was Leclerc, who spun into the gravel and was lucky not to beach his car, in a similar incident to Latifi’s in FP1.
After starting the morning on a high note, Lando Norris will have few reasons to sing after FP2. The young Brit put a wheel on the gravel coming out of Turn 10 and was lucky to only lose a front wing, and as the McLaren could not return to the pits, his session ended.
The red flag came out and the timing of it was awkward, as teams were preparing and/or starting their race simulations and had to abort their plans.
After the damaged McLaren was out of the way, the session restarted and the teams started their qualifying simulations, setting their best laps of the session. Bottas led the way again, going into the 1:16s for the first time, the current lap record now 1:16.969s. Hamilton was 0.2s behind and Verstappen almost matching the #44 Black Arrow’s time, only 0.039s behind.
Just as teams were settling into race simulations again, the 2nd big incident of the session occurred. Kimi Räikkönen and Sergio Perez collided in a very weird accident coming out of the pit exit into Turn 1. You don’t typically see collisions like this in free practice, but as the Racing Point came out of the pits, Perez could not see the Alfa Romeo, and as Räikkönen turned into the first corner, he clipped the front wing of pink car, spinning into the gravel, while Perez had to return to the pits for repairs (and will have a 1 place grid penalty for it). As the clash left a scattering of debris on track, the red flag came out again, ending many long runs.
The second session was less kind to Ferrari, with Leclerc P10 and Vettel P12 after a perfectly executed pirouette midway through the session. Racing Point fared better, but P7 (Perez) and 11 (Stroll) is not where the team wants to be, so it remains to be seen if they can further improve on Saturday. As Mugello will probably not offer many overtaking opportunities, a poor qualifying can hinder a team’s fortunes on Sunday.
Haas looks particularly in danger, as Grosjean could only complete 5 laps and Kevin Magnussen, while notching 32 laps was unable to beat Williams' Latifi, the teammates occupying P19 and 20, respectively. Kvyat, who closed the session in P15, must also improve, especially as his race winning teammate was P8 in the session.
With 12 minutes to go the mess was cleared, and cars took to the track again, before Vettel’s Ferrari decided to end their session earlier. The car turned itself off and ended the day’s running.

Conclusions after FP2:

Due to the long runs getting cut short, it is hard to ascertain where teams stand in terms of pace, but Red Bull does appear to be more competitive this weekend. Verstappen’s tire management could be an important part of the race, but it is yet unclear where Mercedes stands. This is not to suggest that they will not be the strongest team on Sunday, as betting against the team in 2020 seems foolish, but we can hope that Red Bull will challenge, especially if the temperature should rise.
The midfield battle still is as close as ever. With the new power mode directives in place, this could be another circuit where a midfield team, like McLaren, could challenge the top teams by pushing in a higher engine mode than the rest. On a track like Mugello, every ounce of power is crucial to overall lap times and the restricted overtaking opportunities could help a slightly slower car hold its position. After an all-midfield podium and an AlphaTauri win last weekend, we would certainly not complain if Sunday brought some surprises.
submitted by F1-Editorial to formula1 [link] [comments]

2020.09.11 17:14 Sanity0004 First time viewing The Challenge as a Big Brother/Survivor fan, Part 10(Battle of the Bloodlines)

So my run through of the seasons continues, this time with Battle of the Bloodlines. I put a TL:DR or overall thoughts down at the bottom if you don't want to go through each episode. Check my posting history if you want to check out the past seasons I've been through so far.
Thanks for reading these, they're fun to make and make going through the seasons more enjoyable.
EP 1:
I thought Camila was short, but she seems a head taller than her sister. Damn
Not surprised Jenna is back.
I feel like if they were going for a season of bloodlines they could have tried for more vets or big names from the challenge to at least use it as an excuse to get some people back. It seems like they went the easiest route possible and got half of the previous season and some rookies and a whole bunch of pointless add ons.
I'm really worried I'm not going to like how this show changes moving forward... lol
Fucking Johnny and his god damn speeches
Oh, I didn't even recognize Kellyanne.
Damn, the son is coming up and they're still just drinking and hanging out
"Expect the most maniacal twists" after literally the first thing resembling a twist ever happens
Why were we robbed of Cohutta and Kellyanne, or even Nany on Exes 2, rather than fucking Bananas
Caught a weird angle on Christina and really thought they snuck Casey on the season for a second.
I really never understand the people that come on here and literally think they can openly cheat. Like God damn, how do you have anyone trust you if you think you can get away with it on a show let alone real life?
Guy who is cheating says they didn't hook up, girl who doesn't care says they did lol
Coming in and throwing out shit like "typical woman move" is definitely the way to come in as rookies lol
He literally has nothing to say
Angry drunk casting strikes again
Imagine coming in this game with a family member as a teammate and going out for fighting with the same family member lmao this the house from Seasons? Or another season? I recognize those stairs that Sam got pushed down right beside of!
He didn't hit you Shane, but I'm preeeetty sure you hit him a few times.
THEY get the clear? Pffft production is so damn wishy washy
So you thought Jenna being worthless was so entertaining you thought it a great idea to bring her just as useless cousin on with her. Great.
Rules must be stopping them from collecting water from the moat that has collected around the hill lol Just fall over and go "Oops, I must have picked up a little extra."
Leroy even mad at his damn sibling!
God damn, Johnny is murdering this.
Oh no people may be trying to come for Johnny? Unfair! lol
I seriously can't take the cartoon drawing on Nicole that she calls makeup.
Seems weird to have male and female days when there is multiple teams with both male or both female. If it's a female day do the all guy teams not even try because it doesn't matter? I'm confused? This seems dumb.
Having the rookie make a speech about putting someone up because they're a rookie? lol seems smart
Vince starting shit lol
EP 2:
I'm only just starting episode 2 and I think I hate this season. This may be my least favorite cast from the jump.
Uhhhh, did Cara just give a Hand Job to some RUTO random, WHILE SHE'S DATING ABRAM?!?! What in the shit Cara?!?! Cara just plummeted in my mind. Eeeesh
Every time I see Jenna and Brianna I suddenly get struck with a wave disgruntlement.
I hate this cast.
Starting off early with the eating challenges. I'm ok with this.
Interesting that they chose to do this role/position aspect randomly. Doesn't usually seem like their thing.
It'd be weird to have the snake cuddling around with you, but I honestly can't see being all that freaked out about it. The bugs definitely has the worst end of the bargain.
How are they possibly going to determine the worse out of this lmao first to give up?
Eh, some people didn't do near as bad as I thought. Kellyanne seemed to struggle going in but looked to blow it away.
Jenna and Brianna continue to prove their worthlessness.
Again, don't understand the discrepency between the girl/guy days. Could the girls literally have just not tried because they assumed it was a guy's day? This seems so dumb.
Wow, Kelleyanne looked like she killed it. Shocked she was at the bottom of guy teams.
With the way Cara was orchestrating the helping of Cohutta last episode I'm assuming Johnny is going in against Cohutta? Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up.
Oh, I guess she's just going to Cohutta and seeing who they want.
Ugh, I hate this fuckin' cast. These twins just seem like all talk. Notice they get all snappy with Cara, but even though it was Cohutta that called them out they don't go to him at all?
Awe, Cara has Diem on her arm.
Nany just blowing up Cara's spot. So I'm assuming Cara was thinking there was no cameras in the bus and then suddenly Johnny has a gopro and suddenly Thomas needs to go?
God damn. Nany's sister looks like a damn cartoon character with her makeup.
I feel like Aneesa is trying to get Jenna/Brianna to quit lol "She's not even cute!"
Again, why. Why the fuck was Jenna brought back and why the fuck did they think her trainwreck cousin was worth bringing on with her?
I agree with Cohutta, these people are insanely crazy. Fucking hell.
I feel like Cohutta is doing terribely with this Elim. He's not even trying for the ball. Once he tackles him he just wraps him up and sits there.
Wait wait wait wait. Someone just talked about wanting to quit and only staying for their cousin and you're going to switch up teams to where she has no motivation to stay? What?!
EP 3:
Ok, so they're doing Survivor style swaps. Teams of two now swapping to two big teams. I'm ok with this.
As much as I hate Johnny, Cara is smart to grab Johnny first.
Cara's cousin is looking at this much smarter. It's more about saddling your team with the worse people than it is about picking the best.
Cara's team is getting fucked right now with these picks lmao Candice, Brianna, AND Aneesa's family member. That team is fucked. Was Johnny not trying to help with the picks at all? I can't imagine he'd be quiet.
I'm loving the recycling of challenges from the last couple seasons.
I was about to ask why Cara looked like the least secure person to jump but then I remembered she has a height fear.
Did they literally get Candice to walk off the challenge and directly in to a confessional? lol They wanted to get the shot with the blood.
I like this voting mechanic. That's gonna be rough.
Nany just randomly voting Aneesa just to be a bitch lol
Camila don't fuck around with her politics. You wanna throw out her name you better
Nany, you didn't vote for Larissa, but you also threw away your vote instead of voting for Jenna. I feel like you took some notes from Johnny. Also, I again bring up the fact that Nany and Johnny were kissing Jenna's ass at the last reunion.
These fuckin' throwaway votes lol Aneesa and Nany are playing bitchy. Not voting against Camila doesn't do shit if you could have voted for the next closest person.
Ok, at least the team came around to their senses. I don't know what they were thinking.
The way it was being determined I thought maybe they were done with the representing aspect in the elim, but calling Camila and Briana up makes me wonder if it will be Camila vs Jenna.
Jenna wins one elimination and wants to be cocky lmao
Hope this Tony dude is ok, but I'm perfectly fine with Shane/Tony going. Bye.
EP 4:
Shocked by Candice and Leroy. The big toe stops you from competing?! I would think it'd be more out of fear of the lip busting open again and getting worse.
Guess I was wrong about the representation aspect in the Elims. Makes it a lot easier to get rid of strong players with just voting in their weaker partner.
I really wish they didn't make so many elims dependant on body weight and size.
Bye Camila. You got screwed. I would have actually liked seeing Camila vs Jenna in the same elim.
"We're going to be here to the final." "Yup, probably." Good enthusiasm Brianna lmao
Oh no, Johnny lost two of his numbers in one night. :c
Eeeeeeesh, Every time I see this Cara/Thomas shit I just cringe super fucking hard. Jesus.
So many damn people cheating on this show. God damn!
I love when people are completely opposite what they show from their confessionals lmao Cory, all over Aneesa, gets told by his partner to shape up. Gets in confessional "She's showing me she's more childish then I thought. I'm gonna put an end to that." -Jennifer Lawrence ok.gif
Nany and Johnny are definitely the cheifs of hooking up and not really letting it effect their games lol
Damn, another pair gone.
Oh shit. Oh SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT Huge fucking eye emoji. HOLY FUCKING SHIT.
Abram, coming in to this house right now is fucking hilarious. Cara, just straight awkward.... Oh fuck hahaha
Oh god the awkwardness. I love it!
Johnny and Nany fucking loving it!
Abram doesn't look like he's in the best of shape though...
Cara shockingly doesn't look happy or excited.
AND Trivia? Best episode ever?!
I feel like they've asked this 60/60/60 angle questions multiple times now. I wonder if it's a trivia staple. I also don't think anyone's gotten it right.
God, I hate so much of this cast. But hey Abram is here and I am so ready for this drama.
5 sides on a stop sign? What?!
Fake face girl of all people winning it for the red team? Shocked.
Damn, I thought trivia was going long but that's the end of the episode?
EP 5:
What a weird place to pick up on an episode. It's like the old half hour episode days.
"I wouldn't lose a day of sleep if Banana's fell off a cliff." I knew I liked Abram.
What....just happened? Did Abram's brother volunteer to go in to Elim? Like...why? The crazy gene is strong with this family.
Cara STILL hanging around with Thomas. What is in this chick's head?!
"I don't want to talk to that bitch(aneesa) either." Cory going downhill fast.
You think Aneesa is dumb enough to fall for this obvious politicking kiss ass? You dumb rookies.
Aneesa, don't be stupid.
I'd usually be all for newbies coming in and fucking shit up, but most of these rookies are just annoying as hell.
"You're showing your true colors." Cory, you literally only even talked to Aneesa to get a vote. Who's true colors were seen?
"Nobodies afraid ladies." These twins are nothing but mouth.
I don't even know who this Anthony guy is... lol
Mitch looks like he's about to cry when this Anthony guy votes for him.
It sucks that so many people went home so quicky because I feel like the format didn't get to play out as well as it could have. They're basically forced now to vote for alliances rather than trying to weaken or strengthen teams. Which I think is the best part of the teams/pair aspect of this system.
Johnny is a douchebag, but Dario and Raphy are really not ones to talk lol
TJ just smiling and nodding watching it all. I love TJ lmao
Throwing off his mic. Isn't that like a big no no? I remember everyone jumping in and trying to help Jasmine when she almost did that. Like they didn't care before that, but as soon as she went for her mic everyone jumped on her to stop her.
Them being mad at Aneesa is fucking hilarious. You guys basically dogged her and only talked to her for her vote. Ya'll are idiots.
They're saying the vote was in Aneesas hands, but are they going on the assumption that Mike would have voted for himself? Because even with Aneesa's vote the decision was off by 2?
"Did they ask you if you saw them come out of the bathroom?" God damn Cara. What the shit. This isn't even like the Paula situation, where Yes Paula was shit for what she did, but Ty was pressing that shit constantly and it was weeks of it. Cara was hooking up with this dude like a week in. God damn chick.
I remember thinking early on that Kellyanne seemed more mature and stable than a lot of people on the cast, from seasons like The Island or Ruins, but I feel like she's just gotten more childish and insecure as seasons go on? Aneesa's acting just as stupid in this episode, but Kellyanne just seems kind of like the desperate girl trying to get attention from all the popular guys or something. It's a weird energy.
Jenna not considering things racist? Color me shocked.
"2020's in hindsight." That's definitely not the saying, but god do I wish Kellyanne.
I can't express how hilarious it would be for the twins to lose this lmao
Using only his arms lol, what a dumbass
Oh fuck. His damn foot slips! He fucking had it!
Hahahahaha the bitch twins gave up and tried to wine about the yellow hitting the line lmao
What idiots. All mouth, and then they're mouths get them the loss. Wow
Aneesa, wise the fuck up. Cory just wants your vote at this point.
EP 6:
Oh shit, A Dirty little secret. Ominous episode title!!!!!
Johnny at yoga is pretty funny, not gonna lie
I love Abram's hate for Johnny. He calls it true! "False friendships, selling people up river, just false to your face." So true!
Love the Johnny hate Abram, but you're definitely letting emotion effect the game my dude.
People can't stop talking about Cara/Thom. lol How is she not walking around this house with an ulser with worry of who's going to say something.
I would love nothign more than the guys get to a challenge and TJ just saying "First thing first, Cara we have to address something." I would love nothing more than for TJ just to put the drama out there RIGHT before a challenge.
Its challenges like this that really shows the benefit of vets and experience.
Kellyanne offering to go in? Saves time I guess.
Johnny, I understand not wasting the time in fighting for Nany in deliberations, but to vote for her is just stupid and pointless. You're not gaining any face with people already gunning for you by voting for someone who everyone knows you're aligned with. You're doing yourself a diservice voting for Nany. You're just being stupid.
Like Nany says, throwing his vote away would just back up what he's said for years. He's so loyal isn't he?!
I had genuinely no idea who Anthony was lol
"No matter what I do is the wrong thing." Well yeah, when you do shit that makes no sense but is some weird veiled attempt at supporting your team or garnering favor. You're a dumbass and just as much talk as Raphy and Dario
Who the hell is Cara talking to? Who is Jamie?!?
It's been two seasons of Nany crying over Johnny, yes she still has feelings for him.
He didn't want to make his girlfriend mad hahahahahahaha Johnny's been the one to talk up in the reunions how people hide from cameras to fuck and all this shit. Not voting for a friend is the most hilarious copout that is so empty.
Fuuuuuck, 50 times?! This is a better test of endurance. Damn. I think Nany has this one easily.
Oh god, AND Kellyanne has some kind of chest cold? Good luck chick.
Kellyanne actually won. I'm shocked. The comp having a bell on each side actually made it easier than I thought. I was thinking it was only on one end.
I'm happy to have Nany's sister out of the house lol
Hahaha I love Johnny basically saying "come at me" with this Cara secret. Let this alliance see if it can stick shit out. You have a crazy guy on your house just waiting to blow up lol It's dirty, but I love it.
EP 7:
Cara continuing to just call it flirtation is great.
Wait wait wait. Is Johnny really just having his Cousin go out there and blow it up? You giant pussy! Johnny wanting to keep his hands clean and leaving it up to someone with no fucking sense of even how to talk.
Cara, you suck ass.
Cara just trying to pass it off as trying to get further in the game is really a shit way to handle this lol What a way to try and pass your shitty behavior off as "gameplay"
"I did say that, Johnny." "It's cool Abe!" Johnny not in power is so much better than Johnny in power.
Abram is straight chaos and I love it. It has saved this season.
Aneesa how the hell long have you done these. What weak shit.
Cara needing stuff to be easier for her is hilariously sad.
Abram is insane, and I fucking love it.
I feel like Abram came in with the entire mindset of wanting Cara to win. Him and his partner wanting to go in to elim as soon as they got there, him wanting to get Johnny out and not wanting Cara to team with him. I think his whole mindset was to go in and just help Cara.
Of all the things to NOT have Abram himself being in the elim?! Destroying shit! That would have been hilarious to see.
Fucking "Home wrecker" Wooooooooooow
This elim is fucking awesome.
Abram causes himself to get a bloody nose lmao
Can we just talk about Abram barking like a dog and quietly in the back ground Jenna and Briana are spinning in circles? What?!
Stephen literally can't even get through the tiniest table hahaha
This is not even close. This is so damn sad.
Motivational crazy Abram is my favorite Abram
Oh Cara, come on. You're just now going to talk all about this breaking up shit and saying Abram there is harder for you in the game. Just be real, you're upset your new cuddle buddy left and you're upset Abram came in to make it awkward for you on tv. That being said though, why were you even still with him? lol dude is crazy. But you don't cheat on the dude!
EP 8:
Throwing it for Kellyanne? Johnny wouldn't even talk during deliberation for Nany lmao
At least everyone is clearly talking about how shitty Johnny is with his game. He's dirty, but he talks like he's a damn saint lol
I am continually shocked everytime this Jamie dude shows up on the screen lmao
Wait wait wait wait. CT and Diem's sister are joining the game? I'm about to fucking cry! It seems stupid late in the game to impliment a new team, but it's CT! I don't care!
No colored shirts, probably just an audible on the specific challenge.
I'm going to cry! "Do it for D!" I love CT!
Faith seems more interesting and has more screen presence in like one confessional than half this bloodlines cast lol
I'm pretty sure they just gave Aneesa the "Complete" but she looked like she fell a whole square before the yellow line...
Johnny "helping" lol This is my issue with Johnny. He can't just do shit in the open. He talks so much shit about Wes throwing shit, but he had a reason to and he owned it. You couldn't even talk during deliberations to help Nany and pass it off as saving face with a team, then not wanting to upset your girlfriend. But here you are throwing a competition and sabotaging other players to help a different girl. You're fake as hell and you just hide from it so plainly. It's disgusting.
I never remember who this Jamie guy is but at least he's calling Kellyanne rightfully out.
Hahahah Johnny's face when they get announced the winner. I love it.
Kellyanne fucked up talking shit lol
There's only 3 people that can go in and only one is going to be safe. There's no real reason to be angry at this point.
Jenna and Brianna getting screwed by Johnny too haha Only now realizing it. Johnny promises everyone everything and just watches as they all go out one by one.
Vince out of nowhere with "I have to go by performance today" haha yeah that sounds like Johnny, not owning up to the reason behind their choices. Had an alliance from the jump with Aneesa/Jenna/Nany and basically two of those are getting screwed over and Kellyanne is moved up the pecking order over everyone because of Anthony lmao You people are so damn dumb.
Kellyanne literally can't even defend Anthony hahaha
Oh here we go, Johnny voting against his alliance people to "save face" haha
I'm happy to see everything is finally coming to head for Johnny. Just wish these people weren't so stupid to believe it in the first place.
CT and Faith!!!!!
Kellyanne came back on the show because of Diem passing? That's actually really sweet. Not sure how true it actually is but I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and find it really touching. Kellyanne comes off more authentic than Cara does with her writing Diem on her arm and saying Diem for a trivia answer.
Vince wanting to start shit with CT? lol Dumbass
"I heard me and you would have been competition in the past." "In the past you would have already been knocked out." I love CT
Please tell me Jenna and Brianna are finally gone.
What in the holy hell is Kellyanne doing? lol She blows a huge lead by trying to flip the blocks and worry about their sizes? Jenna just comes in and throws them all up like it's nothing.
Anyone falling for Johnny and his bullshit has no one to blame but themselves. Kellyanne and Anthony just watched Johnny fuck over Nany, why did you think you'd be any different?
EP 9:
Of course Johnny wouldn't like Abram. He's too honest and not willing to believe his bullshit.
"Creepy uncle Vince" This show has a weird track record with Vince's
This is a cool scary challenge lol
Brianna didn't even try. Jesus.
Oh my god these people. Four in a row not trying! What in the hell?! You can't go under fucking water?! Did I miss the description of the task? Were people throwing it to have the fastest swimmers do it?
Abe getting in the box and cracking up. Abram is insane and amazing tv.
Everyone joking about Abram taking the chance to kill Johnny is reallllllly weird?
Some of these comps, I wonder if TJ hates that he even has to be there for them lol They're under water the whole time and TJ just announces when they're out. I'm surprised he's not sitting in a chair under shade having to be reminded to blow the horn.
If you told me at the drawing of teams that Red team would not lose a challenge I would seriously not believe you.
Vince saying he's not worried about it when he's been letting the team down constantly lol Of course he isn't.
Yes! Get rid of Johnny before it goes back to pairs!
Johnny running off to shore up his easy votes like easy. Doesn't give a shit about them, throws them in, but oh wait I can get their vote!
"I just hope you're not just sweet talking me." Jenna, you're a dumbass. He's only talking to you when it comes down to your vote lol Good thing it's Brianna with the vote and not you. She seems to buy less of Johnny's shit.
It's funny how Johnny doesn't play the "rookie" card and "earning stripes" when the rookie and person who's been terrible is tied to his fate.
Fucking Brianna and Jenna. Ya'll are so dumb. You are going to instantly get screwed right after this.
Call em out Abram! Call em out!
I have a feeling Mike is just going to throw this for Cara. Like I said, Abram just seems like he's had the mentality of helping Cara along since he's gotten here.
I get CT again, he was already there....but why Zach? Is it just to show off that he cut his hair off?
Comparing Zach and CT is laughable.
Could you imagine if Johnny was in the pit and was taken out by CT again?!
CT looked like he came in to kill someone in Cutthroat. He looks a lot more relaxed coming in here.
Hahaha Jamie looks like a child in this competition. His head just constantly being pulled against the wall.
Jamie, no matter how often being told, just refuses to use his legs.
"I think I'm nicer than CT" Oh Zach... that's funny. You have two full seasons of screaming at your female team members.
I'm with Aneesa. Hearing "Cuz" and "cousin" this often is just weird.
Of all the eliminations to bring in ringers for, this is kind of a boring one.
There was basically the only real risk left for Cara. I would say they're chalked in for the final at this point if not the win.
EP 10:
(With absolutely zero people paying attention) Vince: "Stupid bar tricks." and tries to blow a ping pong ball in the air, for no apparent reason or directed at anyone? What even is this dude?
Yes, a mini final! I hope this is a new trend of having a mini final every season.
This basically is a final with only 3 teams having any kind of chance at this lmao Aneesa and Jenna and their pairs have jack shit of a chance.
Brianna carrying this weight that looks bigger and heavier than she is! Lmao
"There's rocks on the ground!" Jenna... You say some of the funniest shit unintentionally.
I really wouldn't call struggling with the first leg "gassing out" it's more like they're suddenly struck with the struggle and just need to adjust and get on track. It's not like they're to the point of not being able to walk. They just aren't used to climbing an incline with a bag of weight on their backs.
I'm actually shocked by Cory and Mitch being so far behind everyone.
Ok, I spoke too soon. Vince legit looks gassed lmao
The two teams I didn't think even had a chance are leading hahahha
If I was in some kind of pool or betting for this show Cory would have me so pissed. He is being pathetic for how much you would just be looking at him and thinking he'd be better.
This monkey bar checkpoint would be terrible if you can't do it on first try. If you can't do it the first time, why would you be able to do it a second or third time?
Weird spot to have a girl/guy differential in the comp.
Cara just fucking booking past Bananas lol
The puzzle going to be the equalizer? Aneesa going from first to last?
It's a credit to editing that they somehow turned 15 minutes of Aneesa and Rianna struggling on the monkey bars in to like two whole segments.
Last to first? Holy shit! Wow
The challenge was actually surprising as hell in just about every way. Wow
"It's going to be a hard decision to make." What? How?!
Johnny just doing anything to keep himself out of Elim lol "Jamie sucks, he'd be easy to beat." Definitely not Vince, who's been terrible throughout the season. Not at all!
Good god, if Bananas and Vince scraped by again I would have flipped my shit.
"Knock these egos down." Vince, I didn't expect you to be so self aware...oh you weren't talking about yourself. Nevermind, carry on.
Johnny saying "If I go in and beat Cara, this could be considered one of my best wins I've every had." rings to me like Bananas trying to excuse a coming loss after the fact. Like he loses this elim and then wants to preemptively talk about the competition of Cara as being some huge win knowing damn well he loses. Fucking Johnny, I hate you if this happens. This is such a fucking Johnny move to belittle his loss like it was a big competitor. If you lose it will one hundred percent be because Vince is godawful at everything.
It sounds like Johnny is thinking this is a color related puzzle, but I think it's more about the pattern of the lines. I don't think they have it.
Johnny is gone!
The Challenge is starting to get that Survivor problem where some big competitor leaves just short of the final and they started to put in the fire making challenge. Stuff like CT leaving before Free Agents, Johnny/Nany in Exes 2. There's an aspect of lesser competition getting to the end simply because the two big competitors face off leading to the end. Cara vs Johnny in the final would be more interesting than Jenna being in another damn final, or Aneesa and her partner having no chance.
EP 11:
Location change! This seems like a standard at this point...
Oh we checked off someone having to ask where it is. Even for Berlin.
Aneesa talking about getting this far and then failing, and then immediately sabotaging and tearing down her cousin.
They walk in to this hotel and it looks like it'd be the location of an older Real World season lol the weird furniture and colors everywhere.
Aneesa seems completely uninterested in even trying to care about her family member she brought in to this lol
Aneesa's like I'm just here for the money, and Rianna actually seemed to want to get to know her family member and have a good time.
All Aneesa talks about in these confessionals is needing Rianna in the game and to get her head in to it. Rianna's just talking about Aneesa being standoffish and rude. Maybe one of those things would kind of help the other? Like, give Rianna a reason to care to help you win money, or want to work harder for you. You might as well be Zach screaming at the girl.
Another cool competition. This season's cast has been lackluster, but the challenges have been on point.
Aneesa just seems so angry and bitter at this point.
Cory/Mitch blowing it away.
Aneesa sees her final fall away before her eyes.
Oh god. Cara says "Fustrated"...
"Then go to another country!" Aneesa says as if she has a choice...
Wait's come full circle. Now Aneesa is yelling at someone else to figure out who they are and who they wanna be. I've heard that argument thrown at Aneesa way too much.
Is..Is Aneesa talking about Cara right in front of her, like she's not there and not even a human? lol Aneesa, are you getting to Robin and Katie levels at this point? My brunette crazy drunk crush squad is closed up, sorry.
I definitely think there is a quality of fakeness to Cara, but Aneesa, I think you're a bit off the mark with her accent and how she approaches the game.
Bar Wrestle back, if there was anything Cara could come up short on.
I love that they try to act like an elbow or knee during the bar wrestle is dirty, but continue to keep bar wrestle in the game because of this exact aspect of it.
Saying Jamie won against CT is definitely stretching it lol
Jenna two for two in finals? Underrated great competitor? lol yeah right.
EP 12:
Jenna being the one to talk shit about being in a final... What reality is this?
Franz! A tailor?
City Final!!!!
A part of me would actually love Jenna and Brianna winning this lol
Oh yeah predictions: Cara/Jamie > Cory/Mitch > Jenna/Brianna
Cory and Mitch having to sit on only the second lap lol
Only the guys seem to have issues with this. Maybe 120 is a little much compared to the girls' 60?
"Janky carnival games"
Oh Cara come on. Literally crying from just fake beer?
Cara, you have rookies talking shit about your whining! THIS is how you handle drinking liquid?
Jenna and Brianna are just killing this.
At this point I purely think Aneesa lost her mind with Cara because of how much she had to hear "Cus" and "Cousin".
Jenna and Brianna blowing it away, just waiting for them to blow it away just in time to hear it's only day 1.
Part 1 ughhh. I miss marathon one day style finals. I don't care if it makes the final less suspenseful, or if one team blows it out of the water. I'd rather see people have to fight to not give up entirely.
Oh, is it still one day, just two parts?
EP 13:
I hope they have to swim in these suits.
You can just not eat them and get a 5 minute pinulty? Is that enough time?
Oh no Cara's worst enemy! Liquid!
Good god, Jamie seems like he's about to fill up that damn bucket.
Oh I see, it seems you have to eat everything, there is just a time limit for how long you have to get them done.
Jenna, also with no gag reflex. Zach seems to have a type.
TJ, amazing actor.
This city final has been a complete disappointment.
Just a random 2 mile jog around a track to end it. Did they just run out of ideas for finals?
These number puzzles and tangrams are again just like fire making in survivor. If you come in to these games not practicing these puzzles and learning basic strategies for them, then what are you even doing here? They come up just about every single season. Especially with the likelihood of people coming back multiple times. There's players of Survivor that will practice every single TYPE of puzzle they use and they have a much lower chance of ever even coming back let alone seeing the puzzle again. This show you're likely to come back on and likely to see these puzzle types. Do your damn homework!
I came around on Jenna/Brianna a lot. Happy to see them finish it.
Cara winning just seems tainted lol Like, I wasn't necessarily rooting for her so much as rooting against Johnny and then against the rookies and Jenna.
I hate when any show or episode starts with random teasers for the episode. Just get to it.
Vince starting the episode looking like an idiot.
Nicole looks less like a cartoon character.
At least Jenna is looking at all the elim's positively. Saying she had to make up for the previous season and never going in.
Bananas kissing ass of Jenna again, she must be coming back again...
Rianna looking good on this reunion. She looks a lot different than she was on the show.
Zach has a way of just cutting people off... geesh. Seems like a child that doesn't know how to handle a break up and just cuts, runs and hides.
Cara already crying, and they haven't even gotten to her yet.
Ugh...watching Abram's face while watching this. Ugh this is hard to watch.
Cara sit there and try to be mad or cry. You made your bed.
Abram about to cry.
Quit giving the fucking out that she did this because she was caught up in wanting to win. Fuck that noise.
At least she owns up and goes straight to Abram and says something.
Abram's tattoos just get worse and worse.
What the fuck is she trying to talk about with this being seven seasons about Abram and wanting the season. Way to take a fucking nose dive after starting off great.
This is just gross. Cara started off great, but damn it took a dive.
It just sounds a lot like fucking up and trying to find a lot of reasons to excuse it.
Didn't Thom himself say there was a handjob? lmao Cara, now you're just lying.
I hate Johnny, but I'm with him. Fuck this trying to bring up other peoples shit. Just be honest.
Quit giving her the fucking out that this has any fucking thing to do with the game.
Cara, wow. "Let me count my money. Who sent you home?" Well, that is definitely the way to address it lol
I loathe Johnny, but I agree with him when he says Cara saw she had an added number to her alliance and that was a huge factor of not telling him. She evne said it herself that she knew how he would react. She didn't want him to get DQ'd or possibly get Thom DQ'd. That's why she was upset when Abram wanted her to vote Thom in elim. At that point I do think she was just thinking about numbers and was trying to not talk about it. I don't think her getting with Thom had anything to do with thinking about the game, I hate that that is even suggested, but it definitely changed how she handled her decisions.
Can we literally not even talk about the fact that Johnny wasn't even willing to TRY to talk his team out of voting in Nany, but he was willing to throw an entire challenge to save Anthony/Kellyanne. Seriously not going to talk about that?
It was a game vote, what were you gaining? Everyone knew you were in an alliance with her and no one would care? You gained nothing, quit trying to squirm your way out of it.
Literally holding a trailer hostage to get a hashtag trending lmao
I feel like these reunions completely ignore the more pressing or interesting questions to just go for the direct and simple questions that might spark the most drama. Like not bringing up that Johnny tried to throw a challenge for Kellyanne and didn't mind not saying her name, but wouldn't even speak in defense of Nany at fucking all.
At least we're bringing up how god awful Vince was. Jesus. I'll just say it, Vince is more of a hindrance to the team than Big Easy.
"He purposely threw half of those." Fuuuuuuck out of here Johnny lmao
Good god, don't curse us with that Johnny, I never want to see Vince again. Cory is probably the only person from this season I could bet we see again. Maybe Jamie, but I doubt it.
Johnny, who has won finals with two other partners "This is the best partner I've ever had" haha this dude will literally say anything.
Why torture me at this point with hearing "cousin" more. Why?!
Overall thoughts:
I ended up coming around on this season quite a bit. The first two episodes I had absolutely zero investment. It brought in the worst parts of the previous season and then added half the cast being pointless or throwaways. The season ended up coming around, I think, due to the editing and the building of stories and drama. There wasn't a ton, but what was there was put together pretty well. Not only just the Cara and Abram situation, but also the individual elims, even though I never cared about any of these people, actually had interest and swings. I think the biggest disappointment of the season was the final. I was actually coming along and enjoying the season finally, you give me a "city" final and then it's so boring and bland and has almost nothing to do with the city other than kayaking down a river in the middle of the city and one part being in an abandoned subway. This final was an absolute bummer. It could have had the most interesting and athletic players in it and it would have still been a stail boring ass final. It's sad that the last couple seasons the mini final that they have within the season has been a better race or show of endurance than the actual finals have been.
I miss the long marathon exhaustion inducing finals. These finals are getting really lame. Fuck the winners coming down to times on the combined parts. Make the shit a race. Between the casting as of late, the group of players to continuously return, and the final going more and more down hill I'm really worried my interest and trust in the show is waning. I really hope it isn't so. I know I've heard some good about some seasons coming up, but I just don't see some issues being all that addressed.
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2020.09.09 03:10 lamont196 Recommended Reading list for 18x's, option 40's and fanboys of all ages

Special Forces:
Behind Japanese Lines: with the OSS in Burma - The only theater in WW2 were UW was the principal means of fighting the enemy was in the CIB (China, Burma, India theater). Det 101 goes from trying to do unilateral surgical strike (doesn't go well) to full on bilateral DA with partner force (Kachin Rangers). Awesome book.
The Mission, The Men, and Me (Pete Blaber) - Commander of Delta Force later 90's thru early GWOT. Great read on mindset and leadership.
The Only Thing Worth Dying For - Unconventional Warfare and nation building in Afghanistan in the early days of the Global War on Terror
The Lions of Kandahar: The Story of a Fight Against All Odds - by a Special Forces commander, published with the support of the Army and Special Operations
Donovan: Americas Master Spy - Lawyer, WW1 MOH recipient, international spy for FDR before WW2, and the father of the OSS.
Roughneck 91 - ODA goes to Iraq and crushes an Iraqi mechanized company. Pretty entertaining
The Jedburgh's: The secret history of Allied Special Forces, 1944 - Awesome book on how 200 men led 70,000 French resistance fighters in support of the Normandy Campaign. Lots of future SF regimental hall of famers and CIA leaders cut their teeth in this unit.
The Moon is down - Steinbeck (Grapes of Wrath) was commissioned to right this, in preparation of a Nazi/Japanese invasion of the USA in early WW2. Its designed to teach resistance to the reader in an informal manner. Covers LOAC, subversion, intelligence gathering, sabotage and other fun stuff. Its like 100 pages and a fast read.
The Quiet Professional: Major Richard J. Meadows of the U.S. Army Special Forces - This dude is a badass.
Masters of Chaos - Great SF book. Will give you an idea of the personalities in SF and mindset
The Accidental Guerilla - Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One
Seven Pillars of Wisdom - A Triumph - TE Lawrence (UW original gangster), organized Arabs to fight the Ottomans during WW1. Kind of a self celebration but whatever.
The Green Berets (Robin Moore) - inspired the movie and thousands of future GB's
Behind the Burma Road - Detachment 101 in Burma during WW2. Put the UW hurt on the Japanese and saved Merrill's Marauders (sorry Rangers, its true)
Horse Soldiers: The extraordinary story of a band of US Soldiers who rode to victory in Afghanistan - mandatory 18x read
War of the Flea: The Classic Study of Guerrilla Warfare - 18a wannabes, why haven't you read this already?
Overthrow: Americas century of regime change - If you break it, do you buy it? sometimes....and sometimes your grandchildren buy it.....
Guerilla Warfare (Authorized Edition with corrections made by Che Guevara) - don't waste your damn time. Dude sucked at UW and the cuban revolution was only successful due to the fact the the opposition was garbage from the start. This guy talks a big game but didnt back it up. This idiot went on to lose in Africa and then get captured by GB trained forces and executed. Adios Commie.
Chosen Soldier - SFAS and the 18x pipeline (18x read this)
Get Selected - Pretty good SFAS info
Guerrilla Factor - SFAS, SFQC information
Gone Native - so, basically a 18x goes to Vietnam for 7 years and sorta goes nuts in the process....its entertaining
5 years to Freedom - Nick Rowe, GB in Vietnam, is captured by the Vietnamese and escapes. Goes on to create SERE school. Good read right before SERE school.
Black Hawk Down - Rangers living their creed.
Roberts Ridge - SEALs being SEALs. Rangers living their creed as per SOP. CCT's and PJ's being badass
Sua Sponte - covers RASP 1 and basic 75th info
Battle of Mogadishu: Firsthand accounts from the men of Task Force Ranger - Very good book about the Battle of the Black Sea.
Ghost Soldiers - Rangers conduct POW rescue behind Japanese lines. One of the largest if not the largest ever. (the movie "the great raid" is also about this, and sticks to the actual history pretty good) (also shows the Alamo Scouts, SF lineage, doing SR and working with PF)
General military history and related subjects:
On Killing - The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society - Good insight. Pseudo science and kind of cringy but makes some points
Surprise, Kill, Vanish - Paramilitary actions throughout 20th-21st century.
Jawbreaker - The Attack on Bin Laden and Al Qaeda - A Personal Account by the CIA's Key Field Commander
Not a Good Day to Die: The Untold Story of Operation Anaconda - How trying to use all of your toys at the same time isn't always the best idea.
Relentless Strike - The founding of JSOC and its many exploits. Good book, but controversial in some communities.
Band of Brothers - its good
Beyond Band of Brothers - Thought this one was better.
House to House - US Army in Fallujah. Author is a recipient of the MOH
The Liberation Trilogy: An Army at Dawn, The Day of Battle, and The guns of last light - Should be mandatory reading for all officers. I highly recommend reading this if you are interested in US Army WW2 history. Absolutely great writing.
The Moscow rules - Spy stories from the cold war. Pretty cool stuff
Steel my soldiers hearts - Col. Hackworth taking a garbage battalion and turning it into a killing machine. Great reading for young infantry O's and NCOs
About Face - Col. Hackworth writing about his rise and fall in the US Army. Dude had two DSC's and 10 Silver Stars and said his three favorite things were to "drink, fight and fuck". They don't make Infantry officers like this anymore
Brief: Make a bigger impact by saying less - God damn I wish people would read this book and try to implement this into their communication.
All Quiet on the Western Front - mandatory
Starship Troopers - The original BroVet sci-fi book. nothing like the movie
EDIT: added some more that I forgot about. Put them in categories to help the bro's sort things out by interest. Drop any you think I should add in the comments and Ill update so future highspeed's can have a source of good information.
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2020.09.08 01:32 lwilson747 Artificial Intelligence Academy (AIA)

Our mission is to Train and Certify the next generation of software developers and engineers worldwide in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Niches: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Convolutional Neural Networks.. Top Partners: Google, Microsoft, IBM,, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Stanford University, University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Coursera, Pearson IT, EDx and Edureka.
Visit us today at:
Lawrence E. Wilson
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2020.09.08 01:27 lwilson747 Artificial Intelligence Academy (AIA)

Our mission is to Train and Certify the next generation of software developers and engineers worldwide in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Niches: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Convolutional Neural Networks.. Top Partners: Google, Microsoft, IBM,, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Stanford University, University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Coursera, Pearson IT, EDx and Edureka.
Visit us today at:
Lawrence E. Wilson
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2020.09.08 01:24 lwilson747 Artificial Intelligence Academy (AIA)

Our mission is to Train and Certify the next generation of software developers and engineers worldwide in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Niches: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Convolutional Neural Networks.. Top Partners: Google, Microsoft, IBM,, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Stanford University, University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Coursera, Pearson IT, EDx and Edureka.
Visit us today at:
Lawrence E. Wilson
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More Celebrity News Jennifer Lawrence is officially a newlywed! She got married to her art dealer boyfriend, Cooke Maroney, i... Martin Lawrence (Exclusive Clip) from PARTNERS - Duration: 0:15. Codeblack Comedy 72,741 views. 0:15. JOHNNY CARSON INTERVIEW DREW BARRYMORE AGE 7 - Duration: 9:22. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Lawrece Welk: (born March 11, 1903, Strasburg, N.D., U.S.—died May 17, 1992, Santa Monica, Calif.) U.S. bandleader and television performer. Born in a German... Lifestyle ★ Net Worth 2020 Non Copywritten music provided by: #Lifestyle #NetWorth #2020 Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves Change Partners · LAWRENCE WELK The Essential Lawrence Welk Auto-generated by YouTube. List of Boys Jennifer Lawrence Has Dated -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: 'Noah Centineo From Baby to Age 22' 🔥 Subscribe 👕 Buy a funny T-shirt👉 🔔 Turn on notifications to stay updated with new uploads! Cobra Kai 🔥 Real... Jennifer Lawrence and her New Boyfriend They got engaged in February 2019 after less than a year of dating Jennifer Lawrence has dating Cooke Maroney Jennifer Lawrence Boyfriend 2019. Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence star in the new FX comedy Partners. Start watching easyTV today: